We all need accountability, even me!  Who do you lean on when you need an extra push or you just seriously need to chill out?  We all need a coach and accountability buddy in our lives.

Two times a week she hustles all the way from Dundas knowing full well she will be strapping her little one on her chest if she wants to a workout.  Despite the struggles and him fussy a lot during Stroller Fitness, she does it, she doesn’t complain and she makes herself a priority.  She has figured it out!

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Naomi comes to F4F for the motivation and accountability.  She has experienced first hand the community of women we foster and the feeling of being accountable and uplifted.  You aren’t just a paying client to us, you are someone of value and worth.  Maybe you can do it alone but it’s a lot more fun to be in a group!

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Naomi Dore Brown, Member Spotlight

F4F: How do you stay committed in a busy schedule?

Naomi: After only a few classes I felt so much better mentally, and a short time afterwards, I felt better physically too. So results- feeling strong and having more energy- keep me committed!

F4F: What makes you keep coming back to Fit4Females?

Naomi: Great variety of workouts, motivation and accountability from Trina and her team, and being part of a community of moms who are all in the same boat.

F4F: Any encouraging advice to give to our Members?

Naomi: At the beginning it seemed like a huge uphill battle to get fit and healthy after I had my son- but it got easier every week, and that time really did go quickly!

F4F: What was the best part of your session?

Naomi: When I realized I am stronger and fit now than I was before my pregnancy

I want YOU to feel amazing and take accountability.  I am here as your Coach whether you are in class or hiring me for Online Training.  Enough is enough, let’s make the best you now for 2016!

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves


Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves,

Head Trainer, Business Owner and Mom of 3… read more

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