Exercise doesn’t have to be long or for a scheduled time, it just has to be intense and hard enough for your fitness level.  Get working on my Thrusters Burpees AMRAP Video Workout to get it done effectively and quickly.  This AMRAP is an effective total body workout with a focus on legs, arms, core, back and is complete with cardio, core and strength.  Not to mention it makes you look like a fitness champ!    With 27 days until my big birthday, I’m cracking down on my workouts and diet and I’m going to be sharing so I want to hear from you. Try this workout and share it with your friends and on Facebook.

Thrusters Burpees AMRAP Video Workout

Thrusters Burpees AMRAP Video Workout

EMOM: Every minute on the minute perform:

Move#1:  7 Squat Thrusters *choose lighter weight and dumbbells if you are just starting out
Move#2:  9 Bent Over Swimmers *light weight
Move#3:  Finish the minute with Burpees all the way to the ground

Repeat for 7 rounds

Be sure to warm up and work at your own pace and use the hashtag #fit4females #trainwithtrina when you do it.


  • Always warm up first and always consult your physician before you start a fitness program
  • Always good form and technique and work within your limits
  • Repeat the cycle for 7 rounds if possible
  • Start with light weight, move through full range of motion.  Practice your squats without load

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Get after it!

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