We raised $710 in the Fit4Females Karma Kickboxing Class for a needy family!  Thank you to everyone that donated despite not being able to attend and to those who came out to sweat with me in class.  I truly believe in the power of karma and positivity.  Do good things and they will come back to you – Be selfless and patient today.   The family will remain anonymous and had no idea this class was for them.  Just to tell you how deserving they are, the person actually donated a small amount and said to me “I know it’s not much, but I would like to give something to help out, I know how hard it is to struggle”.   That gives me chills and pride to help such a selfless person and family.

When I gave the money to the woman, she was in shock and could not have been more deserving.  There were many tears.  This money will be so helpful towards unpaid medical expenses for a sick child, etc.  You cannot imagine the stress and struggles they currently face.  You were all a part of easing some of that struggle.  Thank you so much, I look forward to the next Karma class for a cause.

A very special thank you to Elyse at Lois Laxton Dance Studio who donated their space for the class.  This allowed me to put even more money towards the cause.

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