I am calling some serious BS on a hot topic!  I have a Private Talk with Trina Facebook Group that anyone can join and post questions.  One of the Members asked a burning question that had me all fired up!   You are welcome to join the Talk with Trina group free!  It’s a great place to get your questions answered.  I can’t wait to tell you about the biggest mistake about working out.  This was the post:


We are desperate!

Our pants are too tight!

We want to get in shape and we will do pretty much anything to get the results we want!

We will drink expensive protein shakes!

Workout 7 days a week

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Push through pain and injury!

The biggest mistake about working out is that you have to do more to get in shape.  More is not better.

I’ve been training for 17 years and I never workout out 7 days a week!  That is just CRAZY, unless you are an olympic athlete, a fitness competitor training for a show or a serious athlete training for something big (I will exclude you from this BS post).

I’m addressing the every day person that wants to be fit, healthy, get in shape, live pain and injury free and look good in your clothes.  THAT’S ME and YOU right?

Should I work out every day?



I do not recommend my Members at Fit4Females workout 7 days per week and I’ve gotten thousands of people fit over the last 17 years.

Working out is healthy and you need to move your body but not 7 crazy days a week.

Why NOT Trina?

The fit bunnies that workout 7 days a week are not physically changing their bodies because change happens at rest.

Repeater:  Rest is the time you sculpt and change your beautiful body, not during your workout.

Workouts break down your body and muscles and both need time to heal.  You want to look ahh-mazing right?

How will your body recover if you are working out 7 days a week?

You will end up with an injury! Case in point above with the bursitis.

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Be active 7 days a week but do not hit a crazy workout.  Walk, play with your kids, practice some flexibility (no, not intense yoga poses, that’s a workout!)

What should you do

Hit your workouts hard for less time and see what happens

Schedule 1-2 rest days that is active recovery – walk, dance, play

Listen to your body, is it under stress?  Listen to the whisper before the roar.

Find less demanding workouts if you are really trying to scale back and find it hard at first.


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