This is part of how I stay healthy in my daily life with clean superfood supplements.  As a Fitness expert, I believe everything should come from food first.  However, we also need to bridge the gap between what we should be eating and what we actually do eat.  My superfood capsules are a great way to get more plant based food and variety your diet.  Sign up for great tips here, I won’t spam you.


How I stay healthy on superfood supplements

My superfood supplements are gluten free, dairy free, kosher, non GMO and pesticide free.

Trina’s Tidbits:

  • Invest in clean, pesticide free superfood supplements and kids get them free here.
  • Drink lots of water daily, try this
  • Eat as many fruits and veggies daily. Try this Chickpea Smash recipe.
  • Green Banana Smoothie recipe here.
  • Healthy plant based protein powder.
  • I grow my own food with this home garden.
My ingredient and food standards are high when it comes to ingesting anything [so I never recommended anything until now]… I finally found the right products.

23 years in the healthy industry, I finally found products I love  

The Boxes I needed checked (these should be yours too!)

  • Clean (third party testing that the products contained no contaminates)
  • Natural (natural ingredients our body would recognize and easily absorbed)
  • Safe (no contraindications with medications or medical treatments)
  • Safe for the entire family (no toxicity concerns if over-consumed)
  • Proven (double blind, placebo controlled studies proving benefits in humans with use)

Final Thoughts

Start small.  Make the investment in yourself.  It’s easy to get cause up in fad diets and quick fixes.  Super food supplements are a great way to bridge the gap in our food.  It’s hard to eat all the foods and colours of the rainbows.  Here are some of my favourite products.

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Trina Medves xo

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