Can you imagine what 15-18 teaspoons of sugar per day in just coffee alone does to your waistline and mood?   Jenn just finished an 8 week Challenge with me as her Coach and I am proud to say she has seriously bettered her life.  Anyone else a sugar addict?   I want you to grab a pen and paper and answer these burning questions:

  • Are YOU sick of your clothes not fitting?
  • Are YOU depressed, angry and feeling like you have lost yourself?
  • Are YOU embarrassed with your body?
  • Tired of your own excuses?
  • Putting yourself last and sick of saying “I have no time”
  • Do you feel like enough is enough?
  • Do you need accountability?

Jenn Freire 15 tsp 8 tsp 4 tsp sugar

You don’t have to live this way!  I have been through it and have helped tons of women just like you transform their life.  Jenn decided enough was enough and joined my 8 week challenge.  She kicked a very serious sugar addiction that was taking over her life.

I have solutions 4 you!  You can have it all and you deserve it all, you just have to make the commitment to yourself!  Are you ready to:

  • Regain control of your life?
  • Get stronger physically and mentally?
  • Lose weight, inches and fat?
  • Improve your quality of life?
  • Make yourself a priority?
  • Learn secrets to healthy meal planning Jennifer Freire FINAL

“I was living off of 5-6 coffees with 3 tsp of sugar in each just to keep up with the busy life of being a mom and a wife.  6 weeks later I’m down to 2 cups a day (16 tsp of sugar to 4!)  I feel like a brand new person”  – Jennifer Freire, Mom of 3

Jenn Freire 4 Week Sugar Comparison

If you are at the end of your rope and feeling a little crazy!  Time to Transform with Trina.  You get what you pay for and I take pride in being the best!  YOU are the best project that you will ever work on.  If you are ready to make a change, let’s make it together.  Think of this Program as a short-term investment for long-term gains.  Committing to YOU is a no brainer!

Are you ready to Invest in YOU?

Many of my women have found incredible success in my 8 week Online Train with Trina Program.  I’m here for you.


Tomlyn Matthews B&A FinalTomlyn Matthews lost 12.2 lbs. in 8 weeks

“I became part of the drive-thru herd every day filling myself with sugar and junk food.  I was unhappy and I knew I needed to change.“

Trina’s Program made me realize that your mind is a very powerful tool. You can do anything if your mind is pushing you towards it.  I’m happy , eating healthy, and I’m exercising. 

“The energy gained if I have to rate it; I went from a 5 to a 10” – Tomlyn Matthews

#1 Sara 8 weeks nov side

After 6 months, Sarah is still Coca-Cola free, is 26lbs lighter, lost 6% more body fat and 17.8 total inches – Sarah Hallett

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