Meet Grace from our Stroller Fitness classes.  Grace is a new Mom and excited to share her incredible experience.  Stroller Fitness has made her so much stronger and she lost more than 11 pounds.  Grace came to Stroller Fitness when her first baby was only 8 weeks old.  As a Team Leader I can tell you first hand that I have watched her work hard and get so much stronger.  She is super friendly and brags about our incredible Fit4Females community.  Check out the video she sent us.

Stroller Fitness Post Partum with Member Grace

Tell us about your Stroller experience with Fit4Females

“I cannot recommend the Fit4Females Programs enough.   I’ve been attending Stroller Fitness since eight weeks postpartum and I’ve been so pleased with the results. I’ve lost over 11 pounds and most importantly, I’m so much stronger which is important because my baby is over 20 pounds now.”

Stroller Fitness Workout and Instructors

“The variety of workouts in Stroller Fitness is fantastic. Every class is a different workout which I appreciate.  The Instructors push you but they also understand that you haveonly gotten two or three hours of sleep last night. It’s a really comfortable environment if you need to:
  • Breastfeed
  • Change a dirty diaper
  • Your baby is getting fussy and you just kind of take a break from the work out and do a few laps.”

Incredible Community of Moms and Women

“The sense of community is fantastic. It’s a great place to meet Moms and ask for advice and tips.   The last five minutes of Stroller Fitness class is parachute time which even my my eight-month-old looks forward to and absolutely loves.”

Find Grace and her cute smile


Highly Recommended!

If you are interested in starting a Fitness Program after pregnancy I would highly recommend joining the Fit4Females.  I’m so impressed over the last six months.  – Fit4Females Member Grace 



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Watch Grace chatting on YouTube here and check our her incredible website here Grace on Careers.

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