Stress gives you physical symptoms and damages your body.  You can’t immediately see the damage so we keep abusing stress day in and day out.  Grab your mat, a pillow or block and spend 13 minutes with me bettering your body.  Stretching can help with anger, anxiety, heavy emotions, aches, pains and lower your blood pressure.

Warning, if you do this you will feel happier and less stressed.  Each week I send you tons of free Tidbits to help your health and weight loss journey. Grab all my free goodies here.

simple meal prepStretch to Reduce Stress and Anger

By nature, I am a ‘go go” person and I have to force myself to slow down.  It doesn’t come naturally to me.  In fact, I used to barely be able to sit through stretching, meditation or yoga without my brain racing like a race car driver.

Embarrassing! What my Husband admits about me and Yoga

With practice, I am much better and less angry.  This can help you slow down, even if it’s just temporary. If you participate in our Online Classes, we finish with amazing stretches and mindfulness.  Want accountability?  Sign up for a FREE class.

Active Recovery with Trina

Time: 13 min
: Pelvic floor awareness, proper breathing, neck, hip opener, back twists
What you Need: Mat, pillow or yoga block optional

Stretch Moves Demonstrated

Turn on some relaxing music, get comfy and let’s hold each stretch for about one minute.  This routine takes about 7-10 minutes depending on how long you hold each stretch. Do it anytime.  Most of these could be done at a desk with some modifications or sitting.

  1. Belly breathing
  2. R side neck stretch *seated or standing
  3. L side neck stretch *seated or standing
  4. Seated R side Quadriceps and hip opener
  5. Seated L side Quadriceps and hip opener
  6. Gentle back twist *knees gently rolling from side to side, engaging the abdominals
  7. Childs pose

In Conclusion

Commit to making time to lowering your stress.  Try the stretches to start your day or anytime you need to feel better.  Practice the moves daily and you will feel better.  Join us weekly for free recipes and workouts in my FIT Insider here.

Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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Human Kinetics Guidelines on Stretching, read more here

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