It’s Thursdays with Trina and I want to know what is your vice?  Stress, depression and cortisol are all related.  What is stopping you from attaining your goals, living your perfect life and stopping you from making the changes you need to make?  Why aren’t you making the changes that you want?  Are you stressed, depressed, anxious or suffering from adrenal burnout?

Stress, Depression and Cortisol

Are you a:

  • Work junkie
  • Stress junkie
  • Sugar junkie
  • Food junkie
  • Technology junkie
  • Complain-aholic
  • Excuse-aholic


At some point in our life we get stuck on the unimportant things that don’t matter.  We burry our feelings and stress with food and sadness and start to create unhealthy addictions and hormones.  Too much of anything is a bad thing.  The only person that has the power to change your life is YOU.  When you live your life in a “fight or flight” emergency state, you constantly increase your stress hormones and leave yourself open to illness and even depression.  Make one positive change today that will help take a step in a more positive direction.


  • Move every day
  • Walk outdoors daily
  • Hug someone every day, human contact heals
  • Acknowledge your feelings every day instead of burrying them, eating them or feeding them with an unhealthy addiction.  Write them down on a paper and acknowledge the pattern
  • Plan meals daily to support your adrenals
  • Visualize success and your perfect life
  • Wake up with gratitude by saying two positive words to yourself

Time 4 a New YOU!

Stop making every excuse in the book of why you are not making yourself a priority and take action now.  You are worth it and it is time for you to take the steps in bettering YOU.  Join us in an Award winning Boot Camp or Stroller Fitness Program.  We will support your personal journey in health and wellness.  Can’t get to us in person?  Join me in my exclusive Online Train with Trina Program starting June 1st, time to feel incredible!

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Trina Medves XO!

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