Stop hitting snooze and rock your morning routine with my live 60 minute workshop.  This video teaches you simple strategies to stop hitting snooze, get out of bed and create a morning routine to feel energized and productive every day.  I share what my morning routine looks like so you can pick what might work for you. 

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Stop Hitting Snooze & Rock your Morning Routine

It’s not about “when” you wake up, it’s about “how”.  I am not a morning person so trained myself to be.  Join our free Talk with Trina Tribe.  Take notes and enjoy this incredible free training.

Start here and Track Your Progress 

  1. What time to you go to bed?
  2. When do you wake up?
  3. Do you feel rested upon waking *almost everyone on our live said NO!
  4. List what your morning routine is right now: do you grab your phone, start scrolling, turn on your work, be honest.
  5. Do you wake with an alarm or naturally?

Stop Hitting Snooze

What you do in the morning sets you up for the day and decides whether you are productive, happy and energized.  If you listen to nothing else I say, listen to this and get your morning right. 

Science Behind the Snooze Button

If you wake up, hit the snooze button and doze off for a few minutes, your brain is not functioning properly for four hours due to sleep inertia.

We sleep in approximately 60-90 minute cycles.  For about two hours before your wake, your brain is getting ready to wake up, be productive, alert and energized.

When you hit snooze for a few extra minutes, what does your brain do?  It goes back to sleep and starts another 60-90 minute sleep cycle.  You drift off and the alarm goes off and now your brain is not alert and functioning as it should.

To “shock” yourself out of sleep inertia get in a really cold shower.  It will shock you out of it.  Better yet, train yourself to stop hitting snooze.

How to Stop Hitting the Snooze 

You are bigger than your excuses.  Hitting snooze is an excuse.  Getting up is the first decision you make for the day and everything will get better when you stop this habit and get up.

#1 Plug your Phone or Alarm out of Reach 

Try this for 14 days.  Make it so you must get out of bed to hit the alarm.

#2 Five, Four, Three, Two, One Out of Bed

The 5 Second Rule is by Mel Robbins.  This doesn’t work for me but has for tons of people.  You count backwards from 5 to 1 and once at 1, get up.  That’s it, you tell yourself “get up.”

#3 Top 3 and Count Three, Two, One

This is what I do!  Schedule your Top 3 every night before bed.  This is three things that will bring you joy and get you closer to a bigger goal. For example, lose 20 pounds, get to bed earlier, work on a small project, knit, read, walk, etc.

When I’m exhausted, comfy and I don’t want to get out of bed, I think about my Top 3 and I get excited.  Then I say, 3, 2, 1 get up.  The five and four are too much for me, I will just go back to bed.

Stress and emotions can play a BIG part in exhaustion and waking.  Check this out.

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Morning Routine

Find something to get excited about.  Make sure to give yourself first when you wake before the world gets you.

  • My Top 3 tasks are listed the night before to make mornings easier
  • Phone is off and scheduled for a specific time
  • Bathroom, water, probiotic / Kombucha shot, brush teeth, shower
  • Make the bed
  • My Morning routine starts the night before, read more here
  • Avoid caffeine 90 minutes after waking so your natural hormones can kick it * wean yourself up to 90 minutes – If that sounds too hard start with 15 min, then 30 and so on

Click here to download my morning routine chart.

Thanks for reading xo Trina Medves

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