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Stop Emotional Eating Crap Food and Snacks

Stop losing the same 5, 10, 20 or 50 pounds, hopping from weight loss challenges, diets and finally lose the weight and kick the bad habits for good.  I got to Coach Members of our Talk with Trina Tribe. This video is our Facebook live.  We go above and beyond in our Live Sessions here. Grab a pen, paper your favourite drink and let’s dive in.

Question #1: When was the last time you:


Indulged in emotional eating?

Snacked or drank too much?

Ate food you “label as crap or bad food”?

Repeated the cycle over and over again

Last night on the couch? This morning at breakfast? The chips, cookies, ice cream, wine, it’s all gone. Your belly ate it!

Question 2: What “was the last bad thing” you ate or drank?

The more specific, the better your results will be.  Some complaints from Members of our Tribe.

“I get mid afternoon cravings and it’s now become a habit. In the evening, I am eating because of boredom.  Before the pandemic, we were so busy with kids’ activities and work.  Now, I’m replacing food with boredom.”  

“I reward myself with food to make me feel better. I eat way too fast, I’m always the first one done”.


Emotional Eating, Grazing and Snacking 

These actions are fuelled by a feeling. Can you relate to feeling:

  • Bored?
  • Lonely?
  • Stressed?
  • Happy?
  • Needing control?
  • Angry?

The need to reward yourself with food or drinks?  You can get to a place and be in FULL control of your feelings with food and drinks.

What Type of Person are you?

I can self identify that I am an “emotional eater, grazing and snacking on “crap”.  You know that it’s “ruled by an emotion”.  

You cannot yet self identify yet. No worries, we got you.  Each one needs work.  Don’t reward yourself like a dog.  You can’t out train a bad diet.

“I worked out today so it’s ok if I have ice cream.” Nope. Eat it because it’s fuel and you need it. Over eating is fuelled by a feeling and then an action *physically walking to the pantry or fridge.  


#1 What are the feelings you are having when you reach for food or drinks you don’t really want or need?”

Identify your feelings.  It takes time. For example, many people eat because of anxiety.  Anxiety about kids, work, stress or anything else, you can identify in order to stop the behaviour and habit.

What is the feeling you are having when you reach for chips, chocolate, ice cream, wine and the “food you don’t really want to eat?”

Write it down.  You can’t change until you understand it. 

Are you in charge or are your feelings and thoughts in control?  Become your own boss.

#2 What are the thoughts creating that feeling?  

If you are bored, what are the thoughts attached to it?  

Dump every thought on a piece of paper or journal. Many clients identify “I am rewarding myself, I deserve this, it gives me something to do, I will feel better if I eat this.”

Your brain is wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  That’s why we overeat and emotional eat.  

The potato chips avoid the pain of “being bored or angry” and it seeks pleasure.  Chips give you temporary “pleasure” and you avoid pain temporarily.

You havecontrol over your emotions.  Thoughts and feelings decide the actions we take.  Check in with how you’re feeling and what you are thinking. Become a deliberate thinker. Ignite your brain to become aware and ready to take a different action. 

Crush old habits and create new ones. Redirect your brain to take a “detour” and get out of autopilot. Ask yourself why you are doing the action?   The answer will be a thought that you were thinking or an emotion that you were feeling.


#3 “Eat like it’s your last meal and savour it”

Eat every single meal like it’s your last.  Do not reward yourself like a dog.  Fuel yourself at every meal.  Savour the food.  Notice the feelings attached to the food or drink. Observe.

When you eat:

  • No TV
  • Phone is not at the table
  • Work is on pause 
  • No books
  • Have a conversation with yourself or others
  • Be aware of how the food tastes
  • How does the food make you feel?

Option: Journal thoughts and feelings associated with food or drink.


#4 Avoid eating when “Hangry”

Eat before you are hangry.  Your blood sugar drops and your brain can’t function.  Eat when you are just starting to feel hungry.  Are you dehydrated?  Try water or an herbal tea if you are not sure.

Battle of the Brain “Avoid Pain , Seek Pleasure”

Your brain likes patterns. It wants the easy way out “avoid pain and seek pleasure”.  The mind loves to repeat itself, it looks for patterns and wants the easy way out.

Train your brain like you train your biceps.

Emotional eating and snacking are habits.  You trained your brain to crave food and drink and react.  

Ask yourself:  

Is this helping or hindering me?

Does this serve me?

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No more Alcohol

On March 20, 2019, I stopped drinking. I simply asked myself, “Is this serving me?” My answer was no so I stopped. I didn’t say “I’m never drinking again.” 

The wine cup was a trigger so I replaced it with water, Perrier or Kombucha.  You must replace the habit with something that gives you the same feeling.  The wine glass was a habit.  Your brain doesn’t know if it’s wine or water, it only cares about the habit and comfort of it.  


At 27.33 min in the video, I address feeling attached to Food/Drink

It’s the habit of the glass.  Replace the feeling and habit that you are getting from that item. You get something from the food/drink that you are not receiving  else. My glass of wine calmed my very busy brain.

Kick your habits with something that gives you the same feeling.

Food or Drink are not Rewards

“I am an emotional eater.  I treat myself like a dog, I did this so I should get that.”  You are not a dog.  Don’t reward yourself like an animal.

Eat the food, you don’t have to earn it.  Pay careful attention to the emotion attached to it.

Ask yourself and Write dow:

What am I feeling when I want the food / drink?

What are you feeling right before I eat /drink ?

In the high of the food or drink, how do you feel?

How do I feel  after?

Many people report, “I’m feeling angry, I reached for sugar, I ate it, it feels amazing.  Two hours later I feel like crap.”  Food is fuel, it is not a reward.

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