205 lbs. was lost in just 5 weeks between 31 competitors!  I am so proud of everyone.  Not only did the competitors lose weight, clothes fit differently, they built muscle mass, increased their heart health, decreased inches and body fat , boosted self confidence and increased their health overall, etc.   It is not easy making a change and some of us don’t always see it on the scale but we feel it in our clothes, in our energy and our inches.  Are you making a change?   If you are reading this and in need of a change, let these stories inspire you.

The challenge is never just about the weight loss,  it is about lifestyle changes and feeling better about yourself.  The real success is in your mood, energy and increased self esteem. It is about believing in yourself and knowing that you CAN achieve your goals.  Being healthy and fit is a journey, not an immediate fix or result.

And the Winner is……

1st Place prize: Aileen Kiely with a total of 11.60% of body weight lost and 18.4lbs.

Prize won: $250 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and $208 cash for the penalty weigh in pod. Aileen is one of our Stroller Moms who attends Stroller classes 3x/week.  She is the mother of 2 small children. Aileen is quiet, humble and works very hard every class.  Aileen has been with Fit4Females for years and I am so proud to have her represent first place.  She doesn’t make excuses, she shows up even though she is sleep deprived, stressed, busy, etc.  Aileen has made healthy changes for both herself and for her family.  Way to go girl!

AILEEN BEFORE (5 short weeks ago)



2nd Place prize: a very close running 2nd was Julie Burgess-Nichols with a total of 10.16% of body weight lost and 18lbs.

Prize won: $100 Gift Certificate for Hair Services at Designs by Me (cut, colour, highlights, etc.) and a $100 Gift Certificate towards any lifestyle photography package (baby/family/couple/maternity) with Kathy DeMerchant Photography.  Julie is a mother to a beautiful 7.5 month old.  Battling her sugar addiction, Julie did not make any excuses.  She changed her eating habits and worked hard in Stroller classes 3x/week.  Julie has lost more than 40lbs with Fit4Females since February.  Read her success story here.



3rd Place prize: Peter G, husband of Lisa G who is a long time client.  Peter lost a total of 7.19% and 20lbs!

Prize won: $50 Fit4Females Gift Certificate.  What an amazing body transformation.  Peter joined the challenge with his wife Lisa G to get healthier.  It was a pleasure seeing them every week supporting each other every step of the way.  Way to go Peter!  Keep it up.

Never before was there a 4th place competitor so close to 3rd, so I decided to bend the rules and give out a 4th place prize.

4th Place prizeKali Janicas with a total loss of 7.17%! She almost took 3rd place, but fell short by only 0.02%.

Prize won:  $25 Fit4Females Gift Certificate and a beautiful Unique Art Package (inspiring quotes, book mark, cards, etc) from Tri Originals.   Kali is one of our Stroller Moms who also attends Stroller classes 3x/week.  She brings her little ones to class every week with no excuses, despite the struggles of motherhood.  It has been a pleasure watching her gain strength and get lean in classes every week.  Way to go Kali!

Week 5 Winner of the $25 F4F Gift Certificate!!

Kali Janicas was also the winner of week 5 for the most percentage lost at 2.51% (She beat Aileen who has 2.50%)!  Congrats.

All competitors:

You did amazing no matter what your results were.  You became aware, you made an effort to change and have all done so well.  I am so proud of you.  Keep it up.  Don’t stop now!

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves


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