Fit4Females is excited for our Six Pack Attack Challenge.  You are going to have rocking abs, arms and legs!   Make a commitment right now that you won’t make excuses this month.  I’m here to support you and so are all of the Fit4Females fans.  This Six Pack Attack challenge can be done anywhere, at home, on the road, at class, etc.  Be sure to warm up and push as hard as you can during each set always working through full range of motion.  Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.

“Six Pack Attack Challenge”

  1. Side Oblique leg lift with a heel kick towards your butt – Right side (lie on right side, straighten and lift both legs up and hold – progress to kicking your heels back toward your butt slowly)
  2. Repeat #1 on Left side
  3. Incline Plank (facing up) straight leg or table top (option to bridge hold if beginner)
  4. Donkey kicks or work up to crow pose

Time:  30 sec work, 5 sec rest (repeat each exercise 2x in a row) and repeat for 2 rounds

Repeat each exercise 2x in a row (i.e.: #1 twice, then #2, #3, #4 then start back at #1, etc.)

Side Oblique Leg Lift Hold

March MOM Oblique crunch

Kick heels towards glutes

Six Pack Attack

More advanced?  Lift upper body off ground

March MOM Oblique 2

March MOM Oblique 3

Incline Plank Table Top (Hips as high as possible)

MOM Challenge Table Top Plank

Incline Plank Full

MOM Challenge Incline Plank

Donkey Kicks or Crow pose (slowly progressing)

MOM Challenge Crow Pose Rock

March MOM Crow Pose

Nutrition Challenge

No sugar!  That’s right, no added sugar all month.  Want to look younger, feel better, lose weight and sleep better?  Cut your sugar intake!

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