I want you to relax this Thursday with Trina.  We have all had it said to us and depending on the situation, it can sometimes come across as irritating and frustrating.  When someone says “slow down, relax”, it can make or break you.  I am challenging you to slow down and relax by taking 5 to 10 minutes today to do just that.  Are you running from here to there?  Working too much?  Just today I sat at my computer way to long waiting to get one more thing done.  We all need to relax and it’s not until we get disciplined to do it that it will actually happen.  What is the worst that will happen if you slow down just a bit?  How about a 10 minute nap on the couch?  I wish I could do that but here are some of the things that have helps me….

5 Tips to Relax this Thursday with Trina

  1. Pay more attention to when you walk and drive, look at the beauty around you
  2. Find a quiet spot somewhere in your home, office or in  your car to just sit quietly, do nothing for 5 minutes
  3. Breathe and I mean really breathe, fill that belly up like Santa and then exhale all of the stress and impurities away
  4. Recognize when you are stressed, stop and repeat #3 – Watch your waist line decrease just from stopping, breathing and relaxing
  5. Smile more often, it will make you and the people around you happier

I will go back to my meditation because I am in the middle of busy season with my business our routines never really seem to slow down.  You will find me shut eyed and just breathing.  If you haven’t checked out our new line of  Classes, click here to see, we would love for you to join us.  1, 2, 3, join me now.


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