These Quesadillas are a must share. They are easy and delicious.  I’m excited to share the Fit4Females recipe book, get on the list to hear first here.Add this quickie stretch video to help you reduce stress, aches and pains.  You are so busy that you sometimes forget to eat well, plan healthy meals and give your body the love it deserves.  Give it up for Trina’s Tidbits of Quesadillas and a Quickie stretch.

ingredients-cooking-iconQuesadillas with Chicken and Tofu

It helps if you batch cook chicken and use it for meals during  your busy week. Mixing animal and plant based protein cuts back on cost and can be healthier too. Make lots because left overs are a great grab and go. My kids love these for lunches hot or cold.  Quesadilla quickie recipe video:


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How to Cook Quesadillas:

Chop cooked chicken into small pieces *Tofu only if vegetarian.

Drain Tofu water and chop into bite size pieces *it helps if you let it sit and drain for 15 minutes to get the liquid out.

Sauté Tofu in extra virgin olive oil with spices until browned *I like to mix the spices and oil in a mason jar then pour on top of the tofu

Spice options: garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, smoked paprika, Herbamare, fresh garlic, pinch of cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Use what you have and love.

Mix Tofu and chicken together, sauté until heated through

Add chicken, tofu and any veggies in a tortilla

Sauté until the tortilla is just browned, flip and do the other side too.

Toppings: use any veggies you like onions, tomatoes, corn, cheese, avocado, bell peppers and pretty much anything

calorie-counting-yogurt-parfait-stressQuickie Side Stretch for Hips, Back, Neck, Obliques

Reduce stress, aches and pain.  This Seated Side stretch is an excellent way to open up your hips, improve mobility, stretch the back, neck obliques, shoulders and feels oh so good.


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How to do the Stretch

In a seated position, sit evenly on both sides of your glutes (booty).

Cross one leg in front of the other.

Sit nice and tall.

Drop right elbow to right thigh or (add a soft pillow, towel or anything if you need the height and can’t reach the knee).

Lead with your chest open, slowly side bend to the right (gentle tension, no pain).

Imagine the left armpit opening to the ceiling, shoulders back and down.

Option:  bring the left hand across to the right OR bend the elbow and bring the left hand to your left ear.

Hold for 5 breaths in and out.

Repeat on the other side.

2nd set: cross the opposite leg in front of the other and repeat stretch both right and left.

Final Thoughts 

Reduce your stress by adding this stretch daily at home, at your desk or anywhere.  Try it for 30 days and see how much better you feel.  I’m excited to share the Fit4Females recipe book, get on the list to hear first here.

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