Fit4Females is proud to run safe and effective Programs for our pre-natal clients in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek and surrounding areas.   Working out during pregnancy is not only safe but it is important.  Keeping your core and body strong during pregnancy is a must.  You are about to embark upon the toughest and longest workout of your life when you deliver a baby.   Fit4Females is proud of our members who attended our Boot Camp classes until 39 weeks!  They are amazing, strong and an inspiration to us all.

Fit4Females is pleased to announce our newest member.  Jessica M delivered her baby in December.  Jessica missed her last Tabata Boot Camp class because she was delivering a baby.   Thomas David, was born weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 20.75 inches long! Jessica worked out during her entire pregnancy despite the exhaustion and excuses. Mom and Baby are doing well. Jessica is back in Stroller Fitness and unbelievably strong. Jessica is such an inspiration to us all.

Thomas David

Mommy Workout out with baby Thomas on board

Like Jessica, Ainsley worked out until the end of her pregnancy.  Ainsley was lucky enough to deliver a healthy baby boy on her due date!  Welcome Colton to the Fit4Females family.  Colton was 8.14 and 20 inches long and Mom and baby are doing well.  Ainsley too is back to several classes per week at Fit4Females.  Her strength is incredible.

Baby Colton

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