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What Should I eat Pre and Post Workout?

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simple meal prepBreak your “Fast” in the Morning

After fasting all night, your energy stores are depleted and you are dehydrated.

My rule “put something in your belly”.  It is your job to figure out “how much and what foods” sit well and are right for you.  Keep this in mind every morning:
  • Drink water, you are dehydrated
  • You fasted all night, your body and brain needs food as fuel
  • If you are having a workout, choose foods that are easy, quick and light to digest like smoothies
  • No AM workout?  Eat a big breakfast!
  • 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of fruit is my goal for smoothies or on the side of something else

Suggestions for Breakfast and Pre Workout

Things to Avoid Pre Workout

Foods that are too hard to digest, you need fuel and easy foods to break down. If all of your energy is spent digesting food, your workout will suffer.  Avoid these when possible pre workout:

  • Dairy, meat and nuts can be hard to digest
  • Too low carb meals
  • Processed bars *try this instead, Salted Almond Protein Bars
  • Not eating at all
  • Spicy foods *they don’t always sit well
  • Too much sugar (you will crash during your workout)
  • Sports drinks *choose coconut water instead or home made gatorade

butts-gutts-iconPost Workout: Rehydrate, Refuel and Repair 

Your goal is to balance protein, carbs and fats.  Post workout is for the three R’s.  The goal is to:

#1 Rehydrate

Your body needs water during and after a workout.  Drink up! I love my Skinny Chocolate Milk after a workout, download it here. Everything in your body requires water.

#2 Refuel

The harder the workout, the more carbs you need.  Choose foods that are easy to digest, loaded salads, veggies, sweet potatoes, loaded soups, etc.  Any of my pre-workouts suggestions apply post workout as well. This is the time to rebuild the “good” damage you just did during your workout with food and nutrients.

Pasta junkies?  Eat your pasta right after your workout rather than late in the day.

Sweet Potato Toast recipe, Breakfast Egg and Avocado Toast recipe, all of the recipes I suggested “pre workout” in a bigger quantity.  Eat good food as fuel.

#3 Repair

Add plant based and animal protein.  You want to repair the muscles.  Protein is the building blocks and we need to get enough.  Doing shakes, read this. I LOVE these Chocolate Protein Muffins pre and post workout.  They are light and easy to digest.

Trina’s Take Action Challenge

Pre and post workout, grab a notebook and write down:

  1. What you are eating pre or post workout?
  2. Record how you feel after you eat.
  3. What is the biggest weakness in your food plan right now?

Once you start to eat based on what your body needs, you will no longer feel hungry, inflamed, bloated or exhausted.  You will feel alive, lean, strong, full and energized.

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