Michelle is an incredible Mom, athlete and spent time rehabbing a diastasis after child birth.  She is a strong representative of Fit4Females and despite returning to classes with modifications she did it with strength and determination and has proved that you can get in shape and while rehabbing a diastasis.  She is an incredible addition to the Fit4Females Family, has been rocking her unlimited Hard Core Pass and has made exceptional improvements in her strength and confidence.  Michelle is a powerhouse in class and is always leaving it all on the floor.

Michelle L, Member Spotlight

Tell us why you joined Fit4Females?

I joined Fit4Females after having my first daughter about 3 years ago.  I was looking for a way to get a great workout while I was on maternity leave and connect with other moms.  Having been very active with running and cycling before and having my daughter I was also trying to understand my new body.

What thoughts did you have before joining Fit4Females?

Before joining Fit4Females I was feeling bored of my regular workout routines.  I knew that having a new baby to care for and being unsure of my post baby body I would not be committed to my old workouts.  It was time for something new!

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout  

After my first Fit4Females workout I remember being very aware of how much work I had to do but had a renewed confidence in what it was going to take to do it.  I walked away feeling like it was where I belonged.

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders? 

I love Fit4Females and the team leaders because I’m pushed and encouraged beyond boundaries I would set for myself.  There’s always lots of laughs between members and leaders that embraces hard work combined with lots of fun.

What improvements have you made since joining Fit4Females?

Without a doubt the improvements that I have made since joining Fit4Females have been strength and confidence.  I feel stronger than ever and after having had my second daughter I have embraced my post baby body.

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to others is to surround yourself with endless support!  For my situation having two little ones at home it’s easy to make excuses and feel overwhelmed.  If you can surround yourself with a supportive community like Fit4Females the excuses and overwhelming feelings will be replaced with ambition and confidence.

Watch Michelle in Action!

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