The goal of my business was never to be like everyone else or be the “traditional gym”.  I wanted a place where women could come and feel included no matter their fitness, injuries or mindset and a place of Community.  The stress on post baby body syndrome is real and can be depressing.

Meet Maddy… she is an amazing client who said “Fit4Females is nothing like a traditional gym, and that’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back!  I am stronger, my muscles feel harder and I feel more defined than I’ve ever been before.”  

Post Baby Body 

It’s always a bonus to lose weight, inches and feel better in your clothes but as a Coach, I think the best gift I can give a client is confidence and to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  Our Boot Camp Programs and Stroller Fitness Programs are all about giving back to our Members.  Be inspired by Maddy’s story and maybe you can relate.  No matter where you are, taking that first step is always scary but so worth it and remember to take time healing your post baby body.  

Maddy, Member Spotlight

Tell us WHEN and WHY you joined Fit4Females

I joined Fit4Females about 1 year ago as a way to workout with my new 6 week old.  My goal was to try and heal a small diastasis I was left with after pregnancy.

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout and what made you stick with us

My first workout was amazing.  It felt great to be doing something for myself after doing everything for my baby in her first 6 weeks.  I was hooked after that first class!  Everyone was so welcoming, and my baby loved watching all the action from her stroller.

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders?

The Team Leaders are great!  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting almost all of them now and I love how each has their own style.  Everyone is so encouraging and helpful, and they always make sure you’re doing everything to the level you’re comfortable with.

What has Fit4Females done to go above and beyond?

I feel that Fit4females works for me because the environment is so geared toward making working out easy and fun.  All the classes are filled with others just like myself, ladies who are there to better themselves.  They had an accommodating schedule, with lots of fun classes to try at all different times of the day.

What has been your biggest non-scale win since joining Fit4Females?

I would say just getting out and going to classes consistently.  I never worked out much before I found Fit4Females and now I’m hooked!  I’ve always wanted to workout but I didn’t really know how to feel confident and comfortable at a gym.  Fit4Females is different, and it just works for me!

Here’s your chance to brag about your wins!

My wins have definitely been that my pregnancy weight came off a little easier and quicker this time, but more importantly I am stronger.  My muscles feel harder and I feel more defined than I’ve ever been before.

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers that are not putting themselves first or nervous to join?

If you’re nervous to join a gym or don’t know where to start, I would say this is definitely the right place for you.  It’s nothing like a traditional gym, and that’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back!

Share your best “make it happen” FIT Tip

Schedule your workout classes as part of your life.  Commit to even once a week.  It needs to be a priority to keep motivated and see results.

post-baby-maddy-featureWhat do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?

My husband and I are thinking of adding another baby, so I would like to see how working out during pregnancy could be something I can do this time!  (Since I didn’t the last two times!)

Anything else you would love to share?

Just that I appreciate everything Fit4Females has done for me!  I really do enjoy the classes and working out, and it’s not something I thought I would look forward to as much as I do.

Want to make your own progress?

Don’t stress about your Post Baby Body.  Remember you just gave life and you have to be very appreciative of rehabbing that beautiful Super Hero body back safely.  Check out the Schedule and choose to make yourself a priority by joining one of our award-winning Programs.  We offer Stroller Fitness and Adults Only Programs and Online Programs.  Try a Free Class now!

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