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Please READ!

F4F takes pride in supporting you in every way possible to fulfill your fitness goals and have an amazing experience in our Award Winning Programs. We pride ourselves on safety, limiting our class sizes and are strict with policies *especially in Stroller for safety reasons. Make up classes are available, space permitting. Please consider purchasing a Flex Pass if you will be missing several classes.

All Programs, Packages and Class Passes are non transferable and non refundable.  There is a $25 transfer fee should you decide to switch Programs at any time for any reason.

Most Common Member Questions

Hard Core Members: Can I drop in anytime or do I have to register for class

How can I cancel a class?

Can I make up a class?

Are classes Indoors or Outdoors?

Stroller Snack Policy

Class Pass: How does the Flex Pass Work?

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Hard Core Members

In order to limit class sizes, please reserve ALL classes IMMEDIATELY at the time of purchase in the Mind Body Classes Tab *if you do not select your class choices within 24 hours of purchase and the class sells out, you will be added to the wait list based on availability.

Late Comers

We know that sometimes you will run late and when you do, please find the designated check in person to let them so they can check you in.  If you constantly run late, I will give you 1000′ burpees because it’s disruptive to the class and check in person who has to stop her workout.

Our Expectations of YOU!

  1. No chatting during exercise demos, please respect the Team Leaders and other Members
  2. Arrive 10 min before class to set up your equipment *it’s awesome having equipment and it needs to be set up and put away
  3. Bring your own mat for Stroller
  4. Return all equipment upstairs in the appropriate spot, don’t leave it on the floor
  5. Shut door and lights in both weight rooms at all times *even during class
  6. ALWAYS check in with Check in Leader before entering class
  7. Set a goal at the beginning of every session – SMART goal
  8. Boxing Gloves:  Required for Wednesday Stroller and Monday PM *limited loaners available
  9. Early cancel here from Mind Body any class you are going to be absent from to allow room for another member to take your spot

Never Ever in Stroller Class:

  • No play balls/swords/riding toys or anything with wheels (toy cars, trucks, etc.) TRIPPING HAZARD
  • No hand weights for kids
  • No step ups holding your child
  • No stepping down off the benches forward
  • No toddler violence
  • No kettlebell swings or upside down BOSU’s in Stroller class
  • No sick Moms, toddlers or baby in classes *we will honour a free make up for last minute sickness.  If your little one is sick and you have someone to watch them, you are welcome to come to class alone.  Please cancel class whenever possible.

Stroller Member Safety

It is strongly advised that all post natal clients schedule a Post Natal Assessment with our Head Trainer and Expert, Trina Medves and must receive clearance from their doctor or midwife prior to commencing a program.  Exceptions if you have been assessed by a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.  All pre-natal clients must receive clearance from their doctor and must complete the Par-MedX prior to class registration.

Parachute time is mandatory – if you must leave class early please advise your Team Leader at the beginning of class


Many of our stroller kids have serious allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. We would like everyone to feel welcome.  Thanks for your understanding.  Click here for our Strict Stroller Snack Policy.

Toddler Safety

  • No play balls/swords/riding toys or anything with wheels (toy cars, trucks, etc.) TRIPPING HAZARD
  • We do not tolerate violence or hitting between children *please remove your child from the class for a quiet moment if a situation arises
  • Keep your eyes on your toddler at all times while working out as their behaviour and safety is your responsibility.
  • If in a stroller, keep them buckled up as long as possible
  • Toddlers walking around must be watched at all times

Stroller Safety:

  • Keep your little ones in the stroller for as long as possible during class.  If they are fussy, try to find an alternative (power walk, lunge, squat with them, incorporate them in your workout) do not take them out until absolutely necessary.
  • While out of the stroller, it is imperative that you are with them at all times, they cannot be crawling around the gym for safety reasons.  Toddlers walking around must be watched at all times.
  • Bring your stroller with you during every exercise (i.e. boxing, to each station, upstairs, etc.).
  • Face them in the stroller whenever possible during the exercise
  • Lock your stroller brakes at all times when we are stopped
  • Ensure your baby is buckled at all times.

Diaper Disposal

  • Dirty diapers must be disposed of in the diaper genie in the women’s change room down the hall from the elevator or in the main lobby washroom diaper genie. ABSOLUTELY nowhere else.

9:30am Class

  • Do not enter the gym before 9am
  • Please enter and exit from the left side of the gym *long hallway
  • Please get all equipment needed as directed by Team Leader, check in person or see the whiteboard

Beyond the Barre Dance Company formerly know as Lois Laxton Dance Studio: Expectations

  • Location Address Click here
  • Indoor shoes ONLY
  • No Strollers in the studio.  The parking lot is close to the entrance, bringing just your baby car seat is acceptable
  • Stroller Mommas: Please avoid bringing messy fruit/veggie snacks on the Studio floor
  • AM Classes enter through the Studio marked doors/ PM Classes walk through the main entrance to access Studios