Perfect hard boiled eggs without all of the actual egg breaking and peeling off while you remove the shell.  So frustrating when half of your egg breaks peeling it.  This recipe can be made in an Instant pot or a Pressure Cooker.  Perfect for a quick protein grab and go.  Get notified about more recipes and my New Fit4Females Recipe Book coming soon here.


Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Eggs pack full amino acids (which our body needs) and a lot of protein.  This is the perfect grab and go snack. The shells peel perfectly.  No more tearing your eggs apart.  I like eggs hard boiled so cook it for less time if you prefer them soft. Tag me on social with the hashtag #Fit4Females when you make this recipe.


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  • 1 cup of water 
  • As many eggs as you like
  • Instant pot or Pressure Cooker (shown here is the pressure cooker)
  • Steel pot that came with the unit
  • Bowl of ice water to cool the eggs when they are done

How to Make:

  • Add 1 cup of water to your pot or pressure cooker
  • Put the steel pot in the tray
  • Add as many eggs as you like on the steel tray
  • Put the lid on and make sure to turn the dial so the steam doesn’t escape
  • Set for 5 minutes
  • Release the steam VERY carefully *use an oven mitt, it’s HOT
  • Put the eggs in an ice bath bowl so they cool
  • Enjoy your hard boiled eggs (or soft if you like them)

Trina’s Tidbits Recap 

  • Eggs are a great grab and go
  • They are full or protein and make the perfect hard boiled eggs.
  • Get on the list for my Fit4Females Recipe Book coming soon here.
  • Try this gluten free Pesto Egg Salad recipe
  • Breakfast Egg Avocado Boat recipe

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