“Online fitness classes help mental health”, meet Sabrina.  She started live in Studio then, the Covid pandemic hit so we launched our Online Fitness Classes Live to help women cope and get strong and fit. Try a FREE class anytime.  We have won multiple awards for Best Female Fitness Club in Hamilton and Women’s Only specializing in Post Natal and Women’s Fitness.


What Programs have you found success in?

I choose the unlimited Hard Core Membership to have all access to the Live Online Fitness Classes and the Video on Demand Replays.  I would encourage you to try a class.

When and why did you join Fit4Females?

I joined December 2019 for mental health reasons.  Working out has always been my coping mechanism in dealing with stress. As well as toning and getting in better shape.  My body has not been this toned in a very long time.  more importantly, my mindset is a lot better.


What made you stick with us?

I stuck with Fit4Females as I was seeing results both physically and mentally. It became part of my lifestyle. Trina really cared and talked me into continuing on during the summer months.

What specific results (both physical and emotional) have you seen since working with Fit4Females?

My body is much more toned, arms and legs. I have more energy and a positive attitude. Fitness and these classes has been a tremendous stress release for me. I love starting the day with these classes as it sets the tone for my entire day. Also I had already gone plant based prior to starting classes so it was great sharing and learning new recipes. I loved the weekly coaching Trina was giving back in the spring.  I improved my mood and have strengthened my body. This is important at my age.

What do you love about Fit4Females and the Team Leaders?

Everyone genuinely cares and is completely inclusive to your needs. All the leaders have something different to contribute to the diverse Women’s Only Fitness Classes.  I can’t imagine my life without Fit4Females.  I LOVE the workouts and Coaching. Trina, I find the classes you teach HIGHLY motivating.  Thanks for all that you do.

What has Fit4Females done to go above and beyond?

Brag about your wins big and small

It feels great when people notice my toned arms and legs. More importantly when they tell me that I do not look my age.

“I look and feel better than ever!”


What would you tell someone who is nervous to join?

I would encourage you to try one free class here. That’s what I did. Everyone supports one another and there is no judgement. Everyone genuinely cares. Trina takes her business very seriously. There is a good reason why she has won so many awards for so many years. I have posted Fit4Females on my Facebook page a few times already encouraging my friends.

Share your best “make it happen” fit tip

Wake up bright and early. Make a nutritious smoothie and do a morning class live or on the replays they offer. You’ll feel great!

What do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?

Continue with classes and pushing myself to do evening classes and workouts. This is a hard time right now with it getting darker earlier and coming home from work, I am very tired.

Anything else you would love to share?

I have loved Fit4Females all along and I cannot imagine my life without these classes. Especially now during Covid, it has been my saving grace. It has been so convenient to be able to do classes in my own basement and not have to go to a gym. I have also learned many new exercises I can always do on my own. – Sabrina

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Stories like this inspire me so I have to share. We can’t wait to see you.  Thanks for reading
Trina Medves xo

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