My favourite MOM Challenge so far.  A combination of strength, core and short cardio bursts.  We are going to have some sexy bodies just in time for the Holidays.  Join me for the November MOM Challenge (Motivation of the Month).  MOM Challenges can be done anywhere, at home, on the road, at class, etc.  Be sure to warm up with some good dynamic stretches and push as hard as you can during each set.  Get a mat, set your timer and work it hard.

4 minute rounds  –  Prescription:  1 min of work, 10 sec of rest – 2 rounds (8 min in total with no break except the 10 sec)

  1. 3 ski jumps and 1 Burpee
  2. 2 Side Knee Drivers with 2 standing overhead tricep press (alternate sides each 2 reps) Use a light weight or medicine ball
  3. Mountain Runners or Plank  More advanced:  1/2 burpee, 1 pushup, 2 plank rows and a squat thrust with a challenging weight or simply finish the burpee, repeat OUCH
  4. Prisoner get ups on one leg – More beginner:  Lunger on one leg (stay on the same leg and round 2, other leg)

Repeat all 4 exercises for 2 sets.  This one is tough.

This is Fit4Females proud member Jessica, who is 36.5 weeks pregnant and participates in the challenge each class. 

No excuses!

Nutrition Challenge:  Increase your water and fibre intake the entire month.  Decrease your sugar until you are sugar free!

Fit4Females Proud November MOM Challenge Super Mamas!

Jessica on the left is 36.5 weeks pregnant and Lindsay is 29 weeks pregnant.  Get on it and stay strong.


 I would love to hear from you so be sure to post your comments below.  Join us in a Program if you want a little group support.

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