It’s Thursdays with Trina and today I am asking you to Challenge change!  There will be no limits today. You will not place boundaries on your possibilities or your thoughts.  You will love your life as it is right now, you will compliment yourself and you will break down the “I can’t barriers” and face fears.

I’m about to face my biggest fitness challenge yet. I am 10 weeks post-op after my Hip Surgery, I am at the largest International Fitness Conference (Canfitpro) where only the best Fitness Professionals attend and only the best Fitness Presenters present. Magic happens here and I’m usually in the front row or a demo person on stage with an award winning presenter, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ken (who by the way is incredibly inspiring). This year I will not be sweating, I will not be on stage but I will be working it a different way since I can’t participate in any workouts. I will be rocking the workouts with my brain and positive energy!

Presenter Staff Sergeant Ken and Trina Medves

Plank sgt ken

It would have been very easy to skip this year for several reasons, pain, I’m not in top physical shape, I tire very easily, I’m barely walking and only recently ditched my walking aids, sitting, walking and standing are extremely challenging and that feeling of “I’m missing out on everything!”  All excuses I could have made but I am here and facing it head on.

Normally I am speed walking through the Canfit Conference trying to maximize everything I possibly can. This year I will be walking very slowly and taking it all in with strong and positive energy.  Go out and do it now. Challenge changes. Don’t live under a rock, in fear or in the future, just live today and right now. Tackle your fears head on. What have you been putting off? Don’t put limits on what you think you can or can’t do.  Leave me a comment below.

8 weeks post-op I found this beautiful rock on my healing journey to Banff.  I found my way to the top slowly with no excuses, tackling my fear.  What will you challenge today?

Tackle your fears


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