Our Members are special and without them we would not be in business. This could be you!  There is no accomplishment too big or small.  The majority of our Members are busy Moms, Teachers and women who constantly forget to make themselves a priority so these features are a big deal.   It’s NOT easy for them to make it to class and we constantly coach “take care of you”.  Ashley Todt is a dedicated NEW Stroller Fitness Member and hadn’t missed a class all summer!  Even with a young babe she managed to take time for fun and fitness, which we offer in every single one of our classes!  With Ashley’s positive views on her post-baby body she is an inspiration to all the new moms out there learning to love their own bodies.  Who says babies have all the fun?  Here is her story:

Ashley Todt Member Spotlight-2

 Ashley Todt, Member Spotlight

F4F: How do you stay committed in a busy schedule?

Ashley: I schedule my to-do list and events into a calendar so I can make sure I keep on track, and also prioritize time for fun and fitness. I have a lot of fun at Stroller Circuit so it’s easy to stay committed.

F4F: What made you keep coming back to Fit4Females?

Ashley: You can exercise anywhere and get in shape. Fit4Females allows me to work on my fitness, but they are worth much more than that.  Fit4Females is also a supportive community of women who cheer each other on, help each other feel happy with themselves and work together towards achieving their goals.

F4F: Any encouraging/uplifting advice to give to our Members?

Ashley: Focus more on what your body does for you as opposed to what your body looks like.  My body gave me a happy baby girl. While my goal is to be in better shape than before I was pregnant, I can be proud of what it has accomplished.

F4F: What was the best part of your session?

Ashley: The best part of my session is learning new exercises I can do at home to stay active throughout the week.

Members, I know life gets busy and your schedules are filled to the max, but now is the time to make YOU a priority.  YOU deserve an hour to yourself (or with your babe at least once a week).  Leave everything at the door and feel AMAZING taking care of YOU!  We have space available in many of our Boot Camps and Stroller Programs, check out our Schedule and pencil YOU in for some T.L.C.-Tender Loving Cardio.

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves


Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves,

Head Trainer, Business Owner and Mom of 3… read more


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