As of March 1st, 2012, the only snacks that are allowed in all Stroller Programs is: FRESH fruit and water only (no dried fruits, no cheerios, no crackers, no yogurt, etc).  Please leave all other snacks in your car to enjoy after class.

Exceptions: formula/milk for babies. Please be sure that milk/formula is kept with you at all times. We have little ones allergic to dairy.

Fit4Females believes in promoting healthy eating for families. There are many children who have serious allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy, etc. We would like everyone to feel welcome. Thanks for your understanding. Healthy nutrition and safety are is number 1!

$10 off any Spring program to the first 20 people to contact Fit4Females and quote “I support healthy snacks”.  Click here:

Fit4Females supports healthy snacks - Photo courtesy of

Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,
Trina Medves

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