I know that you are busy with the kids out of school, but don’t let that hamper your workouts!  F4F is is proud to bring you our brand new MOW Challenge – Motivation of the Week Challenge.  The MOW Challenge includes various fitness, nutrition and wellness challenges that are simple and easy to do no matter what your schedule or fitness level.  What a perfect time to start since we are all a little exhausted from staying up too late and eating too much this passed Canada Day weekend.  Be sure to check the Blog and LIKE us on Facebook for a new MOW Challenge each week!

Are you up for the MOW Challenge?

Nutrition:  Cut out the sugar until next Monday!  That only 7 days – Remember 1 g = 1 yukky tsp of awful aging, fake energy and fat fat fat!

Wellness:  Compliment yourself everyday!  I mean EVERY DAY!  This is not as easy as you think.  Schedule an alarm on your blackberry, Iphone, etc

Fitness:  Plank every day to your max and squat while you are brushing your teeth.

Enjoy!  Please give me your feedback and let me know how you are doing.

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