“My journey to a better me began in July of 2011 after the birth of my first in January. I have always been a pretty active person. I enjoy running, walking, and even though I didn’t love it, I tagged along with my husband to the gym about twice a week. I had started on an unhealthy journey after the tragic passing of my mom in 2009. Shortly after, we moved from Ottawa, started a new life in a city where I didn’t know anybody, and I was grieving. I am a grief eater, a stress eater, and food has been my saving grace many times.

I made some poor choices when I found out I was pregnant and decided to indulge in all things pregnant women were “allowed” to indulge in because they were “pregnant”. I ate my way to a 64-pound weight gain and thought nothing of it. “Breastfeeding will help you loose it”. “It will all come off when you have the baby”.

After my first daughter, I grieved, I stressed, and I ate. The weight kept packing on and I believe I had an undiagnosed post-partum depression. I looked in the mirror and saw someone I did not love, I cried often and I saw someone I didn’t want to be anymore. The silver lining in this chapter of my life was having Isla, my beautiful, sweet baby girl.

A friend of mine found F4F online and we decided to do a trial class together. It was challenging and fun! I remember looking over my shoulder at some moms working out and feeling so motivated and inspired to keep pushing through my mind telling me to stop! The support, inspiration, and guidance I received in that first class made me feel like I had found something that was going to help me feel good about myself again. I have been hooked ever since! The way I felt when I left my first class was not how I felt when I went there. This begins my journey to a “better me”!

Since joining F4F, I have been motivated to do things I hadn’t done in over a year! I ran my first 5 km in October 2011 with my husband, daughter, and a group of supportive women from F4F. It was awesome! I felt great! Next was a Biggest Loser challenge. At that time I weighed 214lbs. When Trina says change starts in the kitchen she isn’t kidding. I struggled a lot with changing my diet, I still do. I learned so much in her Nutrition Seminar that I have made changes in my life I never thought I could. Bad habits are very difficult to break! I lifted weights I never thought and all because Trina pushed and helped me with my form so that I was lifting properly.


 My second pregnancy was much different, I felt strong and healthy and my recovery afterwards was night and day. All of those misunderstandings about working out while pregnant were all laid to rest by Trina who continued to push and challenge me while also educating me on how to work with my changing body. My first pregnancy I couldn’t make it around the block from after 6 months or do dishes because my back was so sore. My second pregnancy I was walking 5km routes or longer and I was able to get down and play with my almost two year old daughter! I had energy and a pride in myself that I was missing my first pregnancy.

I could go on all day about how much I love everything Trina and Fit4Females has done for me. I am forever changed for having had the opportunity to meet all that is Fit4Females. I hope that my journey will inspire others as you have all inspired me.

If you are thinking about trying Fit4Females classes and aren’t sure if it is for you, or if you will get anything out of it, I can assure you that you will! There is so much support, encouragement and inspiration in the room, you can’t help but push yourself and feel great for doing so. This is exactly what you need so please come try a class! Much love to you all and thank you to Trina for all you have done for me and letting me share my story. xoxo ” – Lindsay Smith

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