It’s a problem for many and I’ve got five tips to lose that muffin top.  Being in the fitness industry I get asked the same questions all of the time.  How do you stay fit with three kids?  How do I lose my muffin top? What do you think about this product to lose weight?  How can I lose weight fast?

Five Tips to Lose That Muffin Top

muffin-top-diet-pillsThe hard truth about losing weight is that it takes time, hard work, planning and commitment.  Why do we refer to our mid section as a Muffin Top?  You can’t spot reduce but if you incorporate my five tips to lose that muffin top daily you will lean out your midsection.


Be active, stop sitting around and making excuses.  Run around with your kids outside, run around the block, run up the stairs, do some pushups in your living room, etc. It doesn’t matter, just move  – we have lots of FREE Workouts on our website.  Moving more is going to help get rid of that muffin top.  Strength training will also help because the more muscle you have on your body the more calories you are burning at rest.

2.  STOP eating CRAP food

Reduce anything from a box, drive-thru, food that is “convenient”.  Instead choose real foods, raw food, greens, seeds, healthy proteins, foods that you make at home, foods that you prepare in advance, foods that you have to wash and cut up.  PERIOD.  Plan a meal right now.

3.  SLEEP!

Yes, sleep, remember sleep?  The thing we used to get as children but as adults we think we are immune from sleep because we “just have so many things to do, I’m so busy”.  If you want to lose weight you need to sleep.  Sleep is important for healthy weight loss and hormone production.  Cut your bed time back by 15 minutes to start easy.


Plan your workouts, plan your meals, plan your support system, plan your workout clothes the night before so that you will go to your class or the gym.

5.  EAT your calories

and don’t drink them.  Replace your latte or high sugar drink with water and lemon or water with orange slices.  Enjoy hot lemon water all throughout the day.  Cut back on sugar in your drinks and alcohol intake.  Eat more calories than you drink.  It sounds simple but so many of us over consuming our calories in drinks.

Trainer’s Tip

It’s a great day to be fit so start moving right now!  Here is a move you can do anywhere and there are dozens of different plank variations.  

  • Start on the floor and work your way up to your toes and then eventually a stability ball  
  • Planks are one of my favourite exercises to build core strength. Drop and plank as long as possible.IMG_2590
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