I went LIVE HERE because today marks 20 years that my beautiful Mom passed.  I am feeling very vulnerable but I knew I had to share.  20 years ago I woke up to a police officer telling me my Mom was gone.  Life completely changed and I have spent 20 years rebuilding.  Today I am honouring her life with a balloon release, yellow roses which were her favourite and giving back the only way I know how.

Fitness Saved Me

The reason I am so passionate about reminding you to make yourself a top priority is because I watched my Mom take care of everybody else and never put herself first. Can you relate to that?

She passed suddenly at 38 and I was broken. I turned to Fitness to process heavy grief and it truly saved me from a very dark road.  I never want another woman to put herself last.  That’s why I Coach, teach and empower women daily.

Lots of love from me, send me hugs today

xoxoxo Trina Medves

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