In this video we are Correcting Mom Posture with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Silvana Yee and Fitness Expert Trina.  Our video has a few tips for you to stand taller and reduce pain.  We work on this constantly with our Moms in our Stroller Fitness class.  Try a FREE Class anytime.  Mom posture creates a lot of dysfunction, pelvic floor issues and pain.  Posture is affected in pregnancy and after your little bundle of joy arrives.  Nobody teaches you how to properly lift this beautiful human life or stand with proper posture.  Not to mention all of the gear that goes along with having a baby.

leakage-woman-continenceCorrecting Mom Posture

Mom Posture needs to be fixed in order to avoid sway back, a pelvis that thrusts forward and to avoid pain in the hip, knees, back and everywhere else.  In this video it’s myself, Post Natal Fitness Expert Trina Medves and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Silvana Yee correcting posture on a Mom of two carrying her very heavy toddler. Here is the proper way to stand with your baby, little one and toddler.

Common Mistakes

  • Carrying your child on one side of the body “the hip carry”
  • Leaning to one side
  • Pushing your pelvis forward
  • Tucking your butt aka “butt tucker”
  • Poor posture causes back pain
  • Rounding the shoulders
  • Sway back posture


  • Distribute the weight evenly in the front of the body
  • Pull the shoulders back and down
  • Lift tall through the chest
  • Proper posture feels very awkward at first
  • Booty is always the last thing in the door
  • Focus on proper breathing through your diaphragm
  • Think of a straight line from the crown of your head to your tailbone
  • Tuck the chin slightly and avoid pushing the chin forward
  • Tilt the pelvis back
  • Ribcage should align with the hip bones / pelvis

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routines-Fitness-Icon-tidbits-motivationStroller Fitness Mom and Baby Classes

Not all programs are created equal and six weeks is NOT the green light to start pounding your body after delivering a human life. I wish someone had told me everything I know today when I had my first born. Lucky for you, I’m here to give you the best knowledge and training tips to rehab your post baby body safely. Take a look at our Stroller Fitness and try a FREE Class. Stroller Fitness Programs in the video below show a demo of all levels of training.

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