Mom body struggles can suck post pregnancy aka “mom bod”.  Post pregnancy, most moms feel “overweight, overworked and overstretched and like all we do is take care of everyone but ourselves“.  One of our Members, Shannon, got real on Instagram about how she felt about her “new mom bod” after two kids.  I love this story because I can relate and so can the many women we coach at Fit4Females.  Take a time out for yourself, check out our Women’s Only Boot Camp Programs and Stroller Fitness programs. Try a FREE class anytime.

Mom Body Struggles post Pregnancy

“Hey all! So I’ve had 2 babies and they keep me way busy, obviously.  As a mom, I always put them first. First to eat, first to have clean clothes, first to have a clean diaper before I even consider making my first cup of coffee. Or my first bathroom break. I’m certainly not complaining. But I’ll tell ya, after I had Griffin I was very unhappy with me.”

Mom Body and not putting myself first

“With my new mom body, how bloody tired I was. And I never put me first. Ever.

Until I found Fit4Females. I needed something to do, something to get me out of my funk.

I started Stroller Fitness Classes geared to new (and not so new) moms to begin working on fitness safely after having babies.

Something for me and our babies come with us


What Stroller Fitness did for me

“Not only did I lose my baby weight, but I gained so. Much. More. More confidence, self esteem, I learned to love this imperfect body of mine. Stretch marks and all.

Trina the Owner and Head Trainer is the heart and soul to Fit4Females. She is the reason I kept coming back to classes. Her positivity and encouragement is how I became a better, happier version of me. And not just because I lost some weight.

Trina taught me about nutrition, how to work out safely after having my boys and while I was pregnant. She has created such a powerful and amazing group of moms and women to get active and learn to take care of ourselves so we in turn can take care of our families.”

Shannon you look so strong and happy


Incredible Team and Community

“Trina is taking some time off to take care of herself after surgery, but Coach Whitney is looking after our Stroller Fitness class mamas like a boss!  She plans awesome workouts, helps us modify when needed and keeps that positivity and encouragement going. This is a little long and rambly but Fit4females is very important for my sanity 🙂

The classes run year round and our next session starts July 2019! Any moms want to join me? There are also Women’s Only Boot Camp classes if you want to leave your babes at home.  Sign up here.

I’ll be in the Stroller Fitness!”


Try a FREE class anytime

Join all of the amazing Moms at Stroller Fitness.  Take care of you and start your Fitness Program at Fit4Females.

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