Live from Milan, I am getting personal and emotional.  It’s been a crazy 10 months and the worst is this medical scare that is still partly unresolved.  Nine MRI’s and CT scans later, I’m taking time off before more tests and treatment.  Health and fitness is my life so this is scary for me.

My husband has been asking for months to take an extensive trip but I kept refusing.  I needed clearance from my doctor but honestly, I was scared.

Trina Live from Milan:  

Scared of what?  There is a LOT going on and I’m stuck in my comfort zone.  I didn’t realize that I was afraid to step away from work, teaching and my comfy home life.  All of the “normal” stuff.

 I even turned down a TV gig.  Why?  I have to slow down.
After MONTHS of putting it off, I finally agreed to this family trip.  As a Coach, I would tell anyone to “SHUT DOWN AND TAKE THAT TRIP”.  We aren’t always good at taking our own advice though.

 Trip of a Lifetime 

5 weeks on a family trip focusing on time off and healing.  Once I have walked through this entire medical situation, I will share in full.  What I can tell you….
  • It came on suddenly
  • It’s been the scariest thing I have been through
  • There have been a LOT of words thrown around like “tumours, cancer, leukemia, MS” and so much more
  • Way too many tests and unknowns
  • Life is too short, so live now, spend now and enjoy now
I will share more updates with you and what I am learning.  If you want to follow along in real time, meet me on Instagram and Facebook.
It’s easy to be resistant so I re-read My Painful Surgery Journey story.  It reminded me to move forward, you must slow down first.  Here is an inspirational read if you need it.

When in Paris, plank at the Eiffel Tower


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