As a fitness professional and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and owner of Fit4Females, I take my certifications and job very seriously.  I am in a position to change and influence the lives of so many people on a daily business with fitness, nutrition and wellness.  I practice what I preach.  I do not give anything to my clients that I cannot do physically or do not believe in 100%!  I take pride in my continuing education and being on top of the latest and greatest with respect to fitness, wellness and nutrition.  I will only bring the best to my clients everyday.  I learn from the best of the best.

Trina Medves of Fit4Females after a gruelling workout with Staff Sgt Ken Weichert

Staff SGT Ken is a Six-time Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer and veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Desert Storm. Ken founded START Fitness.  If you are in the USA, he is your man!

This past weekend, I attended 3 days of intense training at the canfitpro Fitness Conference in Toronto.  It is an amazing 3 day event with the absolute best and most successful trainers, specialists of all kinds, nutritionists and mentors in the world.  Of course, I attended only the best workshops on behalf of myself and my members at Fit4Females.  You name it, Staff SGT Ken Weichert, Dr. Natasha Turner, Todd Durkin,  I met Tommy Europe  from the TV Show The Last 10 pounds Bootcamp and Buldging Brides and more.  I also met the unbelievable and inspiring Canadian Olympic athlete Simon Whitfield and Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, etc.

Trina Medves of Fit4Females with Canadian Olympic athlete Simon Whitfield!

Go Canada!  He is an absolutely amazing athlete!

Trina Medves of Fit4Females with Tommy Europe from the TV Shows:

 The Last 10 pounds Bootcamp and Buldging Brides and more

Trina Medves of Fit4Females and Fitness Professional Todd Durkin

Trina Medves of Fit4Females and Dr. Natasha Turner (Canadian Author and Naturopath)

Author of: Hormone Diet, Supercharged Hormone Diet, Carb Sensitivity Program

 Top 3 Highlights for me:

  1. Being recognized and pointed out in a seminar with all of my peers led by SGT Ken  was my highest honour considering that he trains and mentors thousands of fitness professionals around the world.  He said – Trina Medves at Fit4Females is in the top 1% of trainers that he has ever seen that motivates with a sizzle, inspires and delivers amazing social medial and inspiration to her fans and members.   He said that I was amazing at what I did and that Fit4Females rocks!  Needless to say, emails are pouring in from trainers and instructors.  Thank you Sgt Ken!!! My clients at Fit4Females can be proud of me!
  2. Being asked to come up to front stage with hundreds of my peers and help lead and motivate the team with Sgt Ken in his KILLER Bootcamp class.
  3. Winning #1 Top Female out of hundreds for the most reps completed while working with a partner in an INTENSE Boot Camp circuit class with Fitness Professional Todd Durkin.  What an honour, this was a group filled with hundreds of amazing trainers who are in amazing shape, competitive and Type A personalities!  You can bet you will see this challenge at Fit4Females.

 Stay positive, always believe in yourself and stay true to you and remember to live by this…

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” – Fred Devito

Trina Medves of Fit4Females, SGT. Ken and Natalie

 The “After “look!  Ouch, this workout hurt!

 Check out the video footage SGT Ken’s Obstacle Course: Operation Deep Impact at canfitpro Toronto 2012 – Can you  find me?

Congrats to our 3 year old Stroller member Jeremy who identified me in this video.  His Mom Aileen wins the contest prize of a brand new Fit4Females Hoodie and 3 free classes!  Way to go Jeremy!

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Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves  

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