I remember the day Cindy called me.  She was suffering from endometriosis, diastasis, other painful autoimmune diseases and chronic daily debilitating pain.   Despite the unimaginable chronic pain, she always shows up to Stroller Fitness with a smile on her face and grateful to be just walking and surrounded by other women.

When we first spoke Cindy said “I don’t even care if I work out, I just want to be around the positive group and amazing energy.  I’ve been secluded for so long.”  After attending classes she said: “Wow! A Trainer who understands debilitating pain and modifies for Diastasis, I just hit the jack pot!”  I am stronger, moving my body, truly happy, now living well IN my pain and I am a success story and YOU can be too!  Let Trina and her fabulous team make a difference her YOUR life.  I smile bigger and brighter with them in my life! Fit4Females has changed my life for the better.   Let it change yours too!”

Meet Cindy | Endometriosis, Diastasis, Chronic Pain

Cindy has Endometriosis along with other painful autoimmune diseases and deals with chronic pain.  She has asked us to share this ribbon and quote with all of you and if you need help, reach out! “We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.


Healing through Meditation and Exercise

My name is Cindy.  I joined Fit4Females in October of 2016.   I deal with chronic debilitating pain from two autoimmune diseases (endometriosis) and literally manage my pain on a daily basis.   For 7 years I had not been able to move my body, and have been in bed more than out of bed.   The only time it seemed I forced myself out of bed was to see the several specialists working on my “multi-faceted” case, to have and recover from surgeries, procedures, tests, or to work with pelvic physiotherapists, massage therapists, an osteopathic and naturopathic doctors to “manage pain”.   I was depressed as I was unable to be the mom, wife, daughter, friend etc.  that I wanted to be.   

Lonely in my pain

After seeing a chronic pain specialist she asked me what I was doing for FUN and what I missed the most in my life.   FUN?  Nothing!  What did I miss?  I missed MOVING my body and being connected with people,  I was lonely in my pain, often in bed while everybody else took care of my miracle baby.   I felt hopeless that I would ever be truly happy again.   How can you be happy when you are debilitated by pain every single minute of the day.   

I had guilt about not being able to do the jobs I wanted to do as a mom and wife.   She told me I had to stop being enemies with my pain and learn to be friends with it but it would take work on my behalf….and work I did!  The saying is true.   Only YOU can change your life.   People can give you the advice and the tools, but YOU are in charge of your own destiny.   

Pain and Diastasis

The pain specialist, along with my team of specialists helped me to learn how to manage my pain through the use of narcotics, rest, reducing stress in my life through the use of daily meditation, stretching and relaxation yoga.   BUT IT WAS ME WHO DID THE WORK AND CONTINUES TO DO THE WORK! She told me that once I learned how to manage my pain and live well IN my pain, I would then be able to get back to enjoying activities that required me to MOVE such as: walking, swimming, skating, exercise classes and PLAYING with my young daughter.   

I found Fit4Females

Once I learned how to manage my pain, I had to deal with the severe 5 finger diastasis (developed during my one and only miracle pregnancy in 2009-2010!).   Through a long journey, a pelvic physiotherapist told me if I wanted to start working out again to strengthen my body, I would need modifications due to the diastasis.   She introduced me to Fit4Females, and Trina (the Owner) let me join the “Stroller Fitness Class” even though my baby was now 6yrs old and in school.   

Trina listened to my story and she displayed utter compassion.   Why?  She herself has been in horrific pain and undergone hip surgery.   Wow!  A trainer who gets debilitating pain and a trainer who modifies for diastasis.   I had just hit the jackpot!  The best part is Trina’s desire to help you and know you as an individual and make you feel special!  

Fit4Females is truly a team atmosphere, yet we all work at our own level.   Trina and her Team Leaders provide modifications for every exercise if you have a diastasis or any type of injury that you are recovering from.   

Stroller Fitness Programs

Stroller Fitness gets me out of the house once a week, connects me with a fabulous group of ladies and my body and mind are happier!  I now have something FUN to look forward to every week,  I am stronger, moving my body, truly happy and am now living well IN my pain!  I am a success story and YOU can be too!  

Let Trina and her fabulous team make a difference in YOUR life.   I smile bigger and brighter with them in my life! Fit4Females has changed my life for the better.  Let it change yours too!

“To suffer, that is common to all.  To suffer and still keep your composure, faith and your smile, that is remarkable.”

I choose to smile!

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