I posted a Chocolate Milkshake Recipe on our F4F FIT Blog. The ingredients are clean, filling and important to support a healthy lifestyle. I believe in educating people that eating healthy is not a sacrifice, it is a choice that you make to live your life to the fullest. One of our fans posted a question in response to the Recipe. I will answer it below.

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Question from our Facebook Member Veronica

Trina Medves would this Milkshake be a meal replacement or a between meals “I’m starving and need something before I eat the cookies” snack? – Veronica”

Answer: Yes, this is a great snack in place of cookies, in fact cookies will only spike your insulin levels, give you fake energy for a little bit and make you eat more later in the day! This Chocolate Milkshake would not be a meal replacement for nursing Moms since they need extra calories. Some mornings this is my breakfast but it is a full serving. As a snack, I decrease the protein in half depending on the type of protein. Vega One is my favourite protein supplements. It has 16g of protein in 1 scoop and 146 calories. For a snack, I usually cut that in half. This recipe made extra servings and the glass you saw was my full serving for my snack. Always do what is best for your body, pay attention to hunger, assess whether it is boredom or real hunger. You can do it! I hope that helps.

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