Manage stress because it directly contributes to belly fat. I will teach you simple strategies to manage and recognize emotions, stress and anxiety and ow to clear the emotional stress, anxiety and negative self talk. Download the free Coaching Video and Worksheet to implement this training.

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Manage Stress, Emotions & Anxiety

Join our free Talk with Trina Tribe. We go above and beyond in our Live Sessions here. Emotions are a choice.  You can choose to react differently.  Treat emotions like a child or new puppy.  You must nurture them, train them how to behave and give them positive feedback, repeatedly.  Over and over again.  It’s the same with your brain.

This Coaching Workshop Addresses:

  • Simple strategies to recognize emotions, stress and anxiety
  • How to clear the emotional stress and anxiety clutter 
  • Proven strategies to feel better, be more confident and finally win over your emotions
  • Download this free worksheet and grab a pen to make some notes.

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#1 Bad Habits & Emotional Baggage Be Gone

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get in touch with feelings instead of burying them and redesign your thinking to rid emotional baggage.  

Tip #1 Recognize & Clear the Emotional Clutter

Whatever your emotional baggage and bad habits, you must identify to create better habits.  

Simply put, a situation arises, we have thoughts about that situation, those thoughts trigger feelings and those feelings make us engage in behaviours which impact the situation in a positive or negative way.

Ask yourself a few questions and write down your answers:

  • Situation: What is the situation making you feel the emotions, stress or addictive emotional behaviour? 
  • Thoughts: Identify the thoughts you are thinking?
  • Behaviours: How are you behaving in response to the situation
  • Instead? How do I want to behave or react instead?

Stress is the reaction you have allowed yourself to experience. 

When an event triggers a reaction, ask yourself why you choose to react this way.

Replace with:  “I can handle anything that comes my way calm and stress free.”  

Tip #2 Clear it: Replace, Surrender & Wins and Challenges 

Surrender to the emotional clutter stories in your brain.  Whatever your excuses, you must recognize and replace them. Make a list daily of your wins and challenges to train your brain for positive thinking and recognition.  Make a mental list in stressful situations.

busy-stress-you-might-have-problems-but-attitude-not-oneChange negative defaults wired in your brain by doing this:

Wins:  What was amazing today?

Challenges:  What did you do that was a challenge?

Tomorrow:  What can you do tomorrow to avoid triggers that caused emotional triggers today?

Imagine a stressful situation and you reacting “perfectly to it”. It takes constant practice and self talk.

Tip #3: Power Pose and Affirmations

Stand up in your power pose.  The pose that makes you feel like you are unstoppable. It is scientifically proven to help.

At the JCC when my doctor said “brain cancer or rare lymphoma is quite possible”, I started to panic, emotions running wild and anxiety rolling in.  My husband said “do your power pose like you teach everyone else”.

This pose was the difference between a positive or negative mental breakdown


When all else fails, stand or sit in your power pose.  Feet rooted into the ground.  

This saved me and brought me back to the moment.  I repeated, “I am a warrior, I am calm, I am patient and I can handle anything.”

Turn to breathing, five long breaths in and out.

You can handle anything champ.  All of your emotions are normal and allow them to flow.  Do not try to change or smother them, work on choosing a better reaction.  You got this.

Thanks for reading xo Trina Medves

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