Charleigh wanted to lose the baby weight so she joined our Stroller Fitness classes after having her first baby.  Firstly, not all fitness programs are safe after having a baby.  Secondly, take your time Mama.  Charleigh and her Mom started in our Women’s Only Boot Camp Programs. How cute to workout with your Mom right?

After baby number two, Charleigh joined Stroller Fitness to lose the baby weight.  “There is such a great Community of Women and Moms at Fit4Females“.  Be sure to join us for a FREE class anytime and check us out.

Lose the Baby Weight Stroller Fitness

How was your Stroller Fitness experience at Fit4Females?

“We just finished Stroller Fitness class and I feel awesome.  Class gives me something to look forward to every morning.  I feel strong and have lost the baby weight.

Tired was something I really struggled with before joining Fit4Females.  Come to class, it really helps.  It was hard to lose weight after my second baby.  Now I need to gain muscle which is why I come to Stroller Fitness.

Lose the Baby Weight Stroller Fitness

Here is a look at Charleigh in action and what our Mom Members have to say about our Stroller Fitness / Mom and Baby classes.  Her first baby had a very rare heart condition which was scary, read more to be inspired.

Nervous?  Try a FREE class anytime

Charleigh says “Don’t feel nervous coming.  Above all as a new Mom you are nervous to leave the house but it’s so worth it and so good.  There are so many Moms, we’ve made tons of Mom friends at Stroller Fitness. Come to Fit4Females”.  If you are interested in starting a Fitness Program after pregnancy I would highly recommend joining the Fit4Females.  Classes have impressed me so much over the last six months.”  Charleigh

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