What an exciting lifestyle transformation.  Kimiye lost 9.6 pounds and almost 9 inches in our 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  Imagine what that does for your body image, mindset, your mood and for the health of your body.  All of us can do it with some planning and taking action.  Kimiye said “the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge is pretty much fail-proof.  I’ve learned so much about food, cooking and organization that I’m continuing to make changes and it is becoming a lifestyle change and not just a weight loss program”.

Kimiye’s Lifestyle Transformation:  

“The 28 Day Shape Up Challenge is an amazing program that is pretty much fail-proof.  Trina gives you:

  • A step-by-step instruction manual for grocery shopping and cooking
  • Work-outs
  • Day to day planning
  • So much more

The Facebook support group makes everything even easier.  Trina emails everyday to ensure you stay on track.  The emails include helpful hints, encouragement, planning strategies and challenges that make the program more FUN.  

The package made success easy.  The best part is the end is just the beginning.  I’ve learned so much about food, cooking and organization.  I’m continuing to make changes and it is becoming a lifestyle change and not just a weight loss program.  

Thank you Trina Medves and Fit4Females. #shapeupwithtrina” Kimiye


What is the 28 Day Shape Up ?

It’s a lifestyle Program with workouts, meal plans, shopping lists and recipes all laid out for you if you want them.  The workouts in the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge can easily be done at home with minimal equipment, making it easy to fit into anyone’s day.  There are instructional videos for each workout so you can spend 5 minutes and see how it should be done properly.

“The 28 Day Shape Up Challenge is so well organized that I don’t have to think.  During the day, truly no cravings for sugar or bread products (my two biggest challenges), and once I realized how good I could feel without eating those things, that has stuck with me.” – Charmaine


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Start now and take charge of your life.  28 Days is a great place to start.  Click here for 28 Day Shape Up Challenge details.  Take a mini step and start with out 10 Day Lean and Clean Program to get your feet wet!

Trina Medves xo

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