It’s Thursdays with Trina and I want you to take an inventory of your life.  I want you to really think about what is important and what your daily routines and thoughts are.  I gave you 6 Tips last week to Change your Life.  Let’s continue on with that. Gratitude, love, less stress and more free time, that’s our goal.

Project Love

In July after lying in a hospital bed recovering from Surgery for two months II embarked on a project that I invented called Project Love.  I asked my entire family to get rid of 10 things every day that they are not giving love.   I consider myself a very grateful person but there is always room for improvement.  I had no idea just how incredible this project was going to be, suddenly we are spending more time with each other because we are less stressed about cleaning stuff up, we are wearing clothes that we forgot about because there was so much in our closets, things are clearer, the kids are playing with toys that they really love, we are showing each other things that we have but forgot about, it has been amazing.  I feel so much gratitude.

Project Love Rules

  • You can only spend 10 minutes MAX a day, it has to be quick and effective

Project Love

I have really had a chance to focus on what is important rather than being buried with stuff.  I am taking in the beauty around me.  This week I want you to:


  1. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  2. Get outside every day and take a power walk
  3. Attempt to do something you have wanted to do but are scared to do
  4. See something you haven’t seen before, it can be as simple as opening up your eyes even wider or taking another route on your commute
  5. Give someone a hug every day!  This is non negotiable


Don’t put limits on what you can attempt, don’t get stuck living you life because it’s “safe”.  Make changes if you aren’t happy and make changes even when you are happy.  Let me know how you make out.

This is my homework.  I am taking care of something that is extremely important to my family and my Dad. Stopping to enjoy the little things.


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