Life after loss is hard so today the spotlight shines on Jody.  She stole my heart several years ago when she showed up to my Stroller Fitness Program with her new born baby girl.  She was always smiling and I had no idea that she had just tragically lost her husband over night.  Life after loss with a little one is difficult.  Most of us would curl up in a ball, drink way too much, let go of ourselves and find it hard to ever move on.  Despite Jody wanting to do all of those things, she makes things happen and she shows up for herself so that she can best take care of her daughter.  She has been in our Adult Only Programs, Stroller Fitness and in my 8 week Online Train with Trina Program.  To anyone who needs a reminder and a pick me up, read this.  This story warms my heart.

Why the Train with Train Program worked for you

Jody-L-TWTThe Train with Trina Program worked so well for me because it made me accountable not only to myself but to the group.  Not only did I not want to let myself down, but I didn’t want to let the others down; especially Trina who believed in all of us so much!  It worked for so many reasons, it was online so we could work at our own pace but still with the guidance and coaching we needed.  We all got excited to log on to hear other’s successes from that week or to have some relief that others were struggling with the same issues as you were that week and knowing those issues would be directed and confidently answered by Trina!

Why you were able to incorporate TWT in your life

This program was so easy to incorporate into our lives because it allowed you to workout, reflect, journal, plan, cook and goal set all at the best time for you to fit into your schedule.  The check-ins with the group forced you to be accountable and responsible for your own success.  The bi-weekly photos really helped to put a very realistic perspective on how you were doing for that period of time…it felt amazing to see the difference in the photos and on the scale and tape measure.   

How it changed your life

This program has truly changed my life tremendously!  It first of all has totally helped with my stress levels, giving me a positive outlet again to releasing my stress and the craziness of my life!  It brought back my love for working out which I had lost due to the unfortunate turns my life has taken.  Train with Trina helped me a great deal with getting my food in check again as far as meal planning which has become my saving grace for making sure I continue to eat throughout the day and not to skip meals.  The meal planning actually gave me more free time in the long run!

What I really loved about this program was the fact that Trina taught me reflection and the importance of always allowing time to check in with myself and ask, how am I doing, what do I want to be busy with, and am I making me a priority?  These are all questions I continue to ask myself everyday even after the program ended.

Tell me exactly WHY you joined Train with Trina

I joined the Train with Trina Program because I definitely knew I needed something, that I was ready for a change because I knew that whatever I was doing or lack of doing was clearly not working and I really just didn’t like where I was with my habits, my body, my self-esteem, my stress levels and my emotions.  Since losing my husband tragically 3 years ago and having to raise a 3 month old on my own, my life has been chaos, stressful and full of sadness that I didn’t have the energy or motivation to try to work on myself.  Life was taking up too much of my energy and everything I had I put toward making my little girl’s life as normal as possible which left nothing for me.

How are you doing after Train with Trina

Trina taught me that making myself a priority would make life easier and make me a better mom, that taking time for myself, my health and my goals would lower my stress and give me more time.  Having completed this program Trina is absolutely right!  I’m not saying life is perfect now but I have the energy, the confidence, the goals and the know how to keep giving my little girl the best role model she could ever ask for.  What I love the most is that Trina isn’t just talking about stuff she has read somewhere before, she’s speaking from the heart, from true life experiences she has endured herself and has worked through and with true belief in her clients that you can make a change and better yourself.  I am truly grateful for Trina and all the things this program has taught me…a true gift to myself that is irreplaceable.  Thank you Trina xo

It’s time to make YOU a priority

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