Legs Shoulders AB Workout Video

Workout time!  I want you to try this legs, shoulders and AB workout video with Canada’s #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist, ME!  With a big focus on strengthening our legs, which are big muscle groups to help develop muscle and burn more calories.  In the video, I give you high or low impact options.  Grab your water bottle, a sweat towel and your beautiful smile and let’s get started.

Legs Shoulders and AB Workout Video

 Trainer Trina’s Tips

  • Always WARM UP first and foam roll if possible *Goal is to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury
  • Always listen to your body, complete full range of motion
  • Never work through pain, progression is the goal
  • Don’t sacrifice form for speed
  • Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain
  • Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar
  • Rest days are important and stretching is a MUST

Legs Shoulders and AB Workout Video

Move #1: Lateral Side Squats

Start standing with your feet together.  Bend your elbows so your hands are in front of your chest.  Step your right foot out to the side and squat down.  Push off with your right foot back to center and repeat on the left side.

More Progressed:  add a little hop in the middle to increase your heart rate

Move #2: Rear Shoulder Flies

Use just your arms or light weight dumbbells looking forward in front in a standing position or sit on a bench or chair.  Feet shoulder width apart and your arms at your side.  Bend at the waist while keeping the back straight.  Slowly raise the arms to the side and squeeze the shoulders back and down.  Long spine, abs tight and lots of tension on the glutes to support your body.

Move #3: Rear Kicks or Glute Kickback

Stand on the right foot, find your balance, lift the knee up, kick and drive the back heel towards the back (imagine kicking someones chin and slowly progress to kicking a little higher).   Alternating sides.  Hang on to something secure if you are really struggling with balance.

Finish off with Foam rolling and stretching

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