Real time Legs, Shoulders and Glute workout with Canada’s #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist, Trina Medves.  First we strengthen and tone our legs, which are big muscle groups to help burn more calories.  Second is shoulders and last is booty / glutes.  I show you both high and low impact options for this workout.  Grab your water bottle, a sweat towel and your beautiful smile and let’s get started.

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Legs Shoulders and Glute Workout Video

Warm up 30 sec work / 10 sec rest 

This entire warm up is shown in the video above in real time with Trainer Trina Medves.

  1. High or low impact Jog x 30 seconds
  2. Side Skaters High or Low Impact x 30 seconds
  3. Skipping no rope or pretend you have a rope x 30 seconds
  4. Hamstring kicks aka butt kicks high or low impact x 30 seconds
  5. High or Low Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds *avoid knees caving in
  6. Lateral Side Squats *option to add a little hop x 30 seconds
  7. Rear Shoulder flies *thumps up, body weight only, long spine, tuck the chin x 30 seconds

What you Need for the Workout

  • 16 minutes or less *that’s how long the live video is
  • Something to track time if not doing it live with me
  • Water

Trainer Trina’s Tips

  • Consult your physician before you start any new exercise program
  • Always warm up first for 5-10 minutes, dynamic stretches and foam roll if possible *goal is to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury
  • Preform each rep with good form, technique, full range of motion and work within your limits
  • Rest when needed
  • Take it at your own pace, start slow if you are new to fitness
  • Listen to your body
  • Never work through pain, progression is the goal
  • Never sacrifice form for speed
  • Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain
  • Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar, read How to Do this here
  • Rest days are important and stretching is a must

Quick Workout at a Glance

Set a timer for 30 seconds of work, 5-10 seconds of rest or do it in real time with me in the video above.  Always warm up first.  Use the hashtag #Fit4Females to tag us on social media so we can find you.

  1. Lateral Squats High or Low Impact x 30 seconds
  2. Rear Shoulder Flies x 30 seconds
  3. Back Kicks or Glute Kickback x 30 seconds
  4. Repeat from the top x 3 rounds

Be sure to cool down, stretch and a little meditation at the end.

Workout Instructions

Move #1: Lateral Squats High or Low Impact x 30 seconds 

  • Start standing with your feet together
  • Lean forward at the hips, keep the ABS tight to support the back
  • Drop and drive through the heels on the way down, squeeze the glutes on the way up
  • Arms bent, hands up *use them to propel you for power
  • Step your right foot out to the side and squat down
  • Push off with your right foot back to center and repeat on the left side
  • Add a little hop in the middle to increase your heart rate
  • Trina’s Tip: Keep your spine tall
  • Regression: Don’t step as wide or squat at deep
  • Progression: Add a high impact leap to the side or light dumbbells
  • Muscles Targeted: Core muscles – quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and abdominals and your cardiovascular system of course!

How to Do Lateral Squats

Move #2: Rear Shoulder Flies x 30 seconds 

  • Start in a standing position or sit on a bench or chair
  • Use just your arms or light weight dumbbells
  • Looking forward in front of you, feet shoulder width apart, arms at your side
  • Bend forward at the waist keeping the back straight and spine neutral
  • Slowly raise your arms to the side, palms down, squeeze the shoulders back and down
  • Long spine, ABS tight, lots of tension on the glutes to support your back
  • Trina’s Tip: Keep the weight fairly light, shoulders away from the ears, exhale when lifting the arms, gaze down, avoid moving the torso
  • Regression: One arm at a time and body weight only *the more bent your arms, the easier the move
  • Progression: Add light dumbbells or a resistance band * the straighter the arms, the harder the move
  • Muscles Targeted: Posterior deltoid (back of shoulders), core, back muscles / stabilizers, glutes, hips and deep abdominals
  • Note: Shoulders aren’t meant to be heavily loaded, use light weight

How to Do Rear Shoulder Flies



Move #3: Back Kicks or Glute Kickback

  • Start in a standing position feet shoulder width apart hands up in “guard position”
  • Stand on the right foot, find your balance and gently lift the left leg off the floor
  • Once you have your balance, lift the knee up, bend slightly at the hips then kick and drive the back heel towards the back *imagine kicking the shin of a person behind you
  • Slowly progress to kicking a little higher *make sure your muscles are warm
  • Rechamber the knee in and come back to the starting position and alternate sides
  • 4 parts to a kick: Up, kick out, in and back
  • Hands up in the fighter “guard position”
  • Trina’s Tip: Hold on to something secure if you struggle with balance
  • Regression: Kick at a lower level and hold on to the wall
  • Progression: Keep your hands up, kick a little higher and hold light dumbbells in your fighter arm “guard position”
  • Muscles Targeted: ABS, posterior chain, all of the back muscles, glute muscles, arms if you keep them up in “guard position”

How to Do Back Kicks



Cool down

Hold for minimum 30 seconds, ideally 60-90 seconds.  All stretches shown at the end of the video.

  • Side to side
  • Hip Rolls change directions
  • Side body reaches left, then right
  • Quad stretch standing or side lying both legs
  • Fold at the hips, long hamstring stretch
  • Across the body shoulder stretch
  • Chest opener
  • Say one very positive thing to yourself
  • Finish off with Foam rolling and stretching on your own

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