Laura is a busy Mom of 3 and has been with us for many years working hard in Stroller Fitness, Cardio Boot Camp and now found success in our 28 Day Shape Up Program. Being a Mom means being selfless but it does not have to mean that you are too busy to take care of you.  All of our Programs are designed with the busy woman in mind with a major focus on making yourself a priority.  By losing 11 pounds, this is Laura’s 28 Day Shape Up Program Success Story.  We want you to be next.

Laura’s 28 Day Shape Up Program Success Story!

How did the Train with Trina 28 Day Shape Up Program work for you?

It worked because I was able to do everything from home.  I could fit in workouts when I could find time for them, without having to incorporate travel time.  Also I was able to modify anything in the meal plan, and use it as a guide.

I could better incorporate a challenge like this into my life because with three kids, all at home with me, I needed something that is flexible.

How did the Program change your life?

I was always a good eater, always home cooked meals.  But now I always have my lemon water in the morning, I make sure to eat snacks in between meals, and I try not to have snacks at night.

Why did you join the 28 Day Shape Up?

I joined the 28 Day Shape Up because I wanted to be able to make my own home workout schedule, but still have the Fit4Females style workouts which I love.

How are you doing after the 28 Day Shape Up?

Great! I still follow ideas and recipes from the meal plan.  I still have all the workouts ready to go for when I can fit one in. I am so glad I joined the 28 Day Challenge!


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