Nicola Jones, she is powerful, inspirational and she is fighting for her life.  Thanks to our two Karma classes, we raised $1485 with the support of our Community members to help with her cancer battle!  I am filled with gratitude and love.  Thank you to all of the people who came out and either shared or donated to our Karma events last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  I have been off teaching since my hip surgery on May 23 and although Karma classes are a lot of work, I knew that an event for Nicola was calling my name and that my Team Leaders would pull through.

Kama Group Nicola

I am truly blessed to have an incredible Team of Leaders and volunteers that came to my rescue. I was able to be the voice of motivation and inspiration on the mic and was surrounded by my F4F Team Leaders who led the class through a feel good and sweaty work out.  Our biggest thanks to all of you.  Special thanks to all of the Community Businesses that donated prizes, Moksha Yoga Hamilton, Katie Carr Photography, Amber Lynne Hair Studio, Inch by Inch, Arbonne, Fabutan Centennial Parkway and of course F4F.

Enjoy your life today because tomorrow may never come.  Live truly the life you want to live.  Stop focusing on others and give yourself and your loved ones exactly what is needed.  Don’t wait for crisis to change your life, change it now.  Enjoy the little things, laugh more, smile more, compliment yourself and others more and be thankful for your health.  Everything changes in an instant and it is changing by the minute.  Grab a hold of life and leave your marks.

12Karma TrainersKarma volunteers


Karma Stroller for Nicola

Karma Nicola GildaKarma nicola Group

When I leave this world I hope to leave it with a world of people that speak highly of me.  I hope to leave people with a mark that were touched by me and feel my presence and sense of honesty and passion.  This is the mark that Nicola has left in my life. As a friend, she is incredible, as a TV star she is incredibly passionate about making people feel happy with her beautiful smile.  Surround yourself with more of these people and forget everything else negative that might be going on.  Life is short and life is amazing so enjoy your ride no matter what it is.


I know that Nicola would hug all of you with open arms if she were able to.  She is truly grateful for your support and none of us can thank you enough.  Thank you for being a part of our very special Karma classes.  We are lucky to have such incredible support.

Fit4Females Run1Nicola Karma Board

Give Gratitude!

If there is anything I try to do daily it’s to give gratitude.  Do it now, take a moment and spend some time quiet with yourself and meditate.  Don’t forget to ask for what you want in life.

25Karma Gratitude Nicola

Raffle Winners!

$460 Hard Core Unilimited Pass at F4F  and Fit Tee at Fit4Females – Ashley Beaulne

$60 value Children’s Growth Ruler – Deanne Barker

$75 value Salon Gift Certificate and Session Spray at Amber Lynne Hair Studio – Gina Costa

$145 value Arbonne Products – Carol Paton

$150 value Mystic Tan and 100 Tanning Minutes Fabutan Centennial Pkwy – Annette Hamm

$150 value 60 minute Outdoor Photo Session including edited CD Images with Katie Carr Photography – Kali Janicas

$250 value Pink Bag Lululemon Prize Package with one month of Yoga at Moksha Yoga Hamilton – Cathy Arsenau

$250 value Blue Lululemon Prize Package, grey shirt and one month of Yoga at Moksha Yoga Hamilton – Banu Duyar

2 Raptor tickets for October 10, 2014 –  Laura Knisley

2 Raptor tickets for October 22, 2014 – Deanne Barker

A very special thank you from Team Fit4Females and Annette Hamm and all of the CHCH crew!  We couldn’t have done it without you! Please pick up your prizes at your next scheduled class or email us for arrangements.

Karma Nicola Prizes

Get In Touch With Us!

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Yours in health, fitness and wellness

Trina Medves,

Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Trainer, Business Owner and Mom of 3… read more

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