June brings an amazing AB and BOOTY SHREDDER!  Get on it and join me for an amazing challenge that you can do anywhere!  Results guaranteed!!!

4 exercises, 45 seconds each and 10 seconds to the next set.  Set your timer:

45 sec AB crunch with a J scoop to the chest (beginner use hands, advanced add a ball)

45 sec V hop overs – beginner, Plank only (get in an upside down V and hop L to R with flat hands like in a pushup position)

Repeat the above 2x (then move on below)

J CRUNCH – Draw an upside down J

V HOP OVERS – keep your abs tight and hands flat

45 sec R side kicks (hold a ball or weight if advanced) be sure to strike with the heal and engage the BOOTY

45 sec Jump lunge switch (beginner add a body squat instead), abs tight and power up on your jumps with perfect form

Repeat the above on the L side

SIDE KICK – abs tight, engage the glutes

Nutrition Challenge: Write down your meals for 1 week.  Review what you ate and see if there is enough of everything (protein, fresh veggies, carbs, fat, etc).  If you need help, contact me for Nutrition Services .

Thank you for reading.  Feel free to post your comments after you do the work out.  Count your reps and message them to me.  Follow us on Facebook here.  Fit4Females MOM Challenges are copyright protected.

Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves


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