A New Year a new amazing challenge at Fit4Females!  This month’s challenge is 4 exercises in 45 sec intervals for 2 rounds. Total 9 min. Do a warm up and stretch after.

45 sec Burpee with a left to right hop (more beginner 10 weighted wood chops and finish the remaining time with pushups)

45 sec of left side oblique crunch with a shot put punch across to right side.  Adv use a weight or a small weighted ball

45 repeat on the right side oblique

45 1 leg left leg dead lift (stiff leg soft knee).  More beginner: 2 legged deadlift

45 sec repeat 1 legged deadlift above on right side

45 sec plank on a stability ball or decline on a bench or floor plank. More beginner: basic front plank

Repeat this 2 times.  Be sure to rest only 10 seconds in between each exercise. Just enough time to get set up for the next round.  Work as hard as you can with perfect form.

Nutrition challenge: cut back on 1 thing this month that you know is a bad habit. IE: late night eating sugar addiction, too many bad carbs, go to bed earlier, etc.


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