The fitness industry can be confusing with it’s mixed marketing message:  “Lose X weight in X days,  lose weight fast, it’s normal to pee your pants, $20 for 20 days etc.  That’s the part of my industry that pains me as a Fitness and Women’s Health Expert.  As a consumer, you have to be realistic, look up people’s certifications, be smart about your purchase, remember that you get what you pay for and look for testimonials that are of value and honest.  Research the Company you decide to give your business too and do not focus on “get in shape fast”.

There is no such thing as Get in Shape Fast

Janette came to us wanting to get healthy and fit like “before” she had her baby. What she ended up with was much more than her 20 pound weight loss and dropping dress sizes from 12 to 6.  This story is authentic and inspiring because many women can probably relate.  Leave us a comment below.  Janette is finding success in both our In Studio Programs and Free Online Challenges.  Try my 10 Day Lean and Clean Challenge and see for yourself!

“Since August 2016 from now I lost 20 pounds and dropped from a size 12 to an 6.  The time I started the Stroller Fitness (Oct. 28th until Jan 15) I have lost 10 pounds.”

Member Spotlight

Tell us why you joined Fit4Females

Since having my son, I haven’t been focusing on my health or fitness like I had before.  I was struggling to find the balance of being a (first time) mom and making myself a priority.  I wasn’t ready to leave my baby in the gym daycare yet either.  My girlfriend had heard about Trina and F4F and suggested we try a free class.  She knew I needed this push and it was a perfect fit for us.

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout and what made you stick with us

I LOVED the circuit training.  Every station is different and all the moves were easy enough to do no matter what stage of postpartum you are at.  There was no time to get bored.  There were lots of modifications and options available.  I loved that my baby was right beside me the whole time and that I could tend to him if I needed to.


Janette tried her first class Oct. 28/16

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders?

I absolutely love the energy and the connection the leaders make with the members.  You feel like you are part of the team.  Trina’s energy, passion and expertise really shine through in her development of this program.  The leaders give you corrections, tips and techniques without making you feel inadequate or insecure.  Their postpartum knowledge and advice was an added bonus for me.  I feel like I am always learning something in the classes.

What has Fit4Females done to go above and beyond?

F4F engages and encourages you every step of the way, no matter what your goal or fitness level is.  I always leave their classes feeling energized and wanting more.  For me, the online community and support is an amazing way to stay connected and focused outside of the classes.  Trina and her team are always interactive and answer any questions you have.  They truly want you to succeed and live a healthier lifestyle.

What has been your biggest non-scale win since joining Fit4Females?

I’ll be completely open and honest here.  I used to think that peeing your pants a little (postpartum) was just something that happens to some women after giving birth.  F4F taught me that it is common, but not right. The girls had the resources I needed, to get help and correct the problem.  So, I am very happy to say… I no longer pee a little when exercising.  Now that’s a BIG win!

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers that are not putting themselves first or nervous to join?

I was constantly making excuses about why I couldn’t go to the gym but was forgetting the main reason why I should… my health is the first step of me being a good mom.  Invest in yourself.  No one else will do it for you.  Why not try the free class and see for yourself?

Anything else you would love to share?

Even though I have lost the baby weight, I still have not gotten back into my pre-baby shape.  It was actually very hard for me to find any pictures I wanted to share.  I noticed a trend, every single one of my pictures have me hiding behind something or someone.  It was a real eye-opener for me.  I want to be proud of my body again and I know that I am going to get there, while working hard but enjoying myself, my son, and my new role as a mom.

Do you need an eye-opener?

Check out the Schedule and choose to make yourself a priority by joining one of our award-winning Programs.  We offer Stroller Fitness and Adults Only Programs and Online Programs.  Try a Free Class now!

Lots of Love!

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