It’s Thursdays with Trina and “I’m Bringing Booty Back”.  Today is my booty training day so I am loading and unloading some bumper plates to help “bring my Booty back!”  Thanks to Meghan Trainor for reminding us that Booties are sexy!  Anyone who knows me knows that my favourite body part to train are your glutes, aka booty!  Are you training them properly or at all?  I had surgery on my hip 14 months ago and let me tell you, glutes are your hips best friend,  so don’t take them for granted, put them to work.  Too many people get too focused on training the front of their body and they forgot about the posterior chain. Let’s face it, the posterior chain is one of the most important parts your body and it looks fantastic in jeans, shorts and a bathing suit.

Loaded Squats

I'm Bringing Booty Back

Even if you don’t have weights, you can still do a lot of things to train your body booty.  There are plenty of body exercises and I am going to be doing a post on how to get a Natural Butt Lift at home and at the gym!  In the meantime, give me 30 squats, hustle up and down some stairs and click here for some free workouts.  I really love this free Butts and Guts 8 minute challenge, click here.  Let me know how you are feeling about your butts ladies!

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