Sometimes we forget the simple things in life and most times we forget to say thank you or tell someone how much they mean to us.  Have you ever asked yourself what you would do “If Life Ended Today?  I want to start off with a very big thank you for always supporting me as an individual.  Whether you follow me as a friend on my personal page, you are a member at Fit4Females, a fan on our Fit4Females fan page or you have been touched by me in your life, I want to thank you for your support.  The truth is, most of us spend too much time searching for approval, judging ourselves harshly and forgetting to really see what is in front of us.  There is nothing more important than self love, without it you are miserable, jealous, judgemental and angry.  It’s time to take care of you and start really loving yourself so that you can be the best version of YOU possible.  Stop trying to be someone you are not.  If life ended today, would you be happy with who you are?

If Life Ended Today?


I am thankful to wake up every day and feel good about the path I chose, about how I treat people, about my daily choices and about the people I surround myself with.  2014 brought on big changes at Fit4Females and in my personal life.  We have welcomed many new Trainers to compliment our Award Winning business.  I took a big step back from the front scene and despite knowing the business and passion I had built for almost 8 years, I secretly hoped that people would stick around and support me through my darkest hours.  Fit4Females has high standards aiming to please our Members physically, mentally and emotionally.  We  aim high to build them up in strength in classes and strength outside of classes.

Without people who believe in you, support and trust you, there is nothing.  I will continue to live by my standards to be true to myself and inspire others.   The pre-op Journey of my Hip Surgery was extremely painful and humbling.  The post op Journey has been eye awakening and life changing.  I do not have a fatal illness from which I will never recover but I do have a long and challenging road back the the “old Trina”.  The strength within me is fired by the support of all of you.

Here is my inspiration to you…

  1. Live your true life, be you, think happy thoughts and everything else will fall into place
  2. Some days I am ahead and some days I am behind. Every day that I am healthy I am grateful
  3. Perfection exists when you change your thoughts about yourself.  You are already perfect
  4. Every day that you wake and breathe you should say “Thank You” out loud to yourself *every day!
  5. When you need to cry, cry
  6. Some days I am so overwhelmed I just want to give up, remember the reasons why you are fighting
  7. When SH!T hits the fan and you can’t take anymore repeat my favourite words, I CAN do this, I AM doing this and I WILL do this
  9. Move, sweat and eat like you want to live healthy for as long as possible
  10. Play hard and work hard – each terrible event is a stepping stone to your written life

change your thoughts

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