Liquid calories add up quickly, especially the take out hot drinks from Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Second Cup. Try this Iced Mocchachino to celebrate your sweet tooth, have more energy and reduce your waist line.  Since my Hip Surgery, I am unable to drive so I can’t enjoy the morning take out coffee that I normally do.  I loved receiving my coconut latte from the smiling gals behind the counter because somebody else was doing something for me for a change. Instead, I have been brewing my morning cup of java at home until today when realized we are out of coffee. I dish out weekly Fitness Tips, recipes and more here if you want some.

Iced Mocchachino

My first reaction was frustration “Why didn’t my husband buy coffee? He is the one that has to grocery shop since I can’t drive! How much longer until I can finally drive!” That was short lived and I realized there was no room for frustration so I came up with a solution.  Since driving was not an option, I created an Iced Mocchachino with Protein. This tasted so great I drank the entire batch.  Coffee sans the coffee with a natural caffeine boost from Cocoa.

Cindy gave up coffee and survived


Iced Mochacchino Ingredients:

  • 2 cups Unsweetened Almond Milk  *any you prefer
  • 1 tablespoon pure Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • 1 scoop of all Natural Protein Powder *I love this one
  • 1 tablespoon Ground or Whole Chia Seeds
  • 1 teaspoon Maca Powder *you can omit if you want, I used vega one
  • 1 tablespoon Raw Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds (so many health benefits)
  • 8 Ice CubesIced-Protein-Mocchachino

How to Make it

  • First add all ingredients to a blender or hand mixer in the order above *excluding the ice
  • Second, blend until desired consistency
  • If you want it a little chunkier, blend the ice too
  • Set a glass aside with a few ice cubes at the bottom to fancy it up
  • Finally pour in the glass and enjoy!

Trina’s Tidbits

This recipe gives you a healthy dose of fibre, fats, protein, manganese, calcium, iron, potassium and so many more vitamins and minerals. Did I mention it’s guilt free?  Let me know how you like it by leaving a comment below or hashtag #Fit4Females on social media so we can find you.

xo Trina Medves

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Source: I used Vega One * benefits


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